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Internship@ATOSS - your ideal career point

If you have ongoing studies: automation & computers, mathematics & informatics as well as knowledge & passion for JAVA programming, we are waiting for you! Join ATOSS for a paid summer practice of eight weeks, between July and August.

After an intensive two weeks training, you are expected to work together with the summer practice team on different hands-on programming activities, guided by your mentor. Thus we will help you to apply your theoretical knowledge, to enhance your occupational experience and to gain engineering practice.

ACD (ATOSS Company Directory)

ATOSS Company Directory is a web application used internally in our company to provide all relevant information about the employees, their responsibilities and the hierarchical relations between them. As part of the summer practice team, you will take part in extending this application with the following additional functionality:

  • Know-how matrix. Build a matrix of employees and their level of competence and display this information in several views based on projects, teams, technologies etc. Display the evolution in time of these competences.
  • Office map. Provide the possibility to model the map of the office in any of our company’s sites with each individual office and the employees inside. The application should allow for a smart search to locate a certain employee.
  • Orga-chart for both functional and supervisor hierarchies. The application should be able to generate a chart that would graphically represent the hierarchical relations between employees. This should be highly configurable to allow the specification of different selection criteria.

By taking part in one of these projects

  • You participate in major steps of the development lifecycle (design, implement, test, deploy and evaluate)
  • A mentor will support you through the entire project, after an initial training phase which will familiarize you with the technologies you will be using
  • You will work with state of the art backend and frontend Java based technologies

Used technologies, frameworks and tools

Java, Eclipse, HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS 3, Spring/SpringBoot, REST, Tomcat, Maven, SQL, JUnit

Available places: 8

Selection process and timelines:


Posting the Summer Practice Project

03/01/2017 - 03/31/2017

Reception of the CVs
Please apply by filling the form

04/01/2017 - 05/15/2017

Technical tests
- Logical reasoning test

05/15/2017 - 05/19/2017

Final results