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Finance, Human Resources and IT

Managing in-house and external service processes

The ATOSS "administration" team manages the areas of controlling, financial and wage accounting, HR and the in-house IT infrastructure. We handle complex issues and are prepared to learn new skills at all times. We provide services for our external and internal customers, in areas such as legal and contract matters and in order handling in the sales realization of customer projects.

In the finance area, we are subject to legal regulations and time limits, which requires a great deal of staff input and commitment. This particularly applies at the times when the monthly, quarterly and annual accounts are being prepared. The stock market entry in the year 2000 presented us with major challenges. We mastered these challenges and are now highly proficient in recording our performance and results in the form of monthly reporting. The team took the change on board and took great strides in its own development in the process.

Image Christof Leiber, CFO

Christof Leiber, CFO

"With regard to our financial department, when all is said and done, we handle the same issues as a major DAX listed company, although the order of magnitude is different. The mix of highly defined tasks, transparent, straightforward processes and the requirement to continuously cope with new demands is what makes our team's work so interesting.“

The HR department is not only responsible for carefully selecting new staff. We advise our colleagues in terms of their prospects and development opportunities with ATOSS. HR also devises and implements appropriate concepts for HR marketing and work-life-balance ("feel-good-factor").

The internal IT department ensures that our infrastructure is always supported by the most advanced, leading edge servers and networks, guaranteeing the smooth operation of databases, hardware and software. IT staff are always striving to make technical improvements to support business processes at an optimum level.

What characterizes administration work at ATOSS

Many of our people have been on board for a long time – some ten years or more. We see a pleasant atmosphere and friendly team interaction as a matter of course. We train sales people to qualify for a wide range of roles available at ATOSS and then take up a permanent post. It is our declared aim to offer nearly all trainees a future role.