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We talk Workforce Management

Communicating, presenting and integrating

Marketing activities at ATOSS are powered by a committed team of specialists and all-rounders, young and experienced professionals. Our team works without complex hierarchies or structures. We regard a comprehensive, all encompassing vision, innovative ways of thinking and the enjoyment of success as far more important.

For us, marketing means addressing and mastering new challenges every day. Our aim is to convey a powerful image of ATOSS to the public and arouse their interest in the company and its portfolio. We therefore have a multifaceted role as consultants, service providers and communicators within the company, much like an in-house full service agency.

Our job includes operational activities supporting sales, plus strategic functions such as publicity work, market research, opening up new markets and customer satisfaction analyses. This remit provides us with a constant supply of interesting new projects. Through our series of studies entitled “Germany as a business location: Sustainability through intelligent Workforce Management,” we have succeeded in creating far greater awareness of the issues that we address.

Brochures, events, communication materials and the Internet – we are responsible for content and design. We work closely with specialist areas in this context, particularly sales and product management. Integrated marketing campaigns create the preconditions for making a successful impact on the market. Whatever we do, we are primarily responsible for shaping the ATOSS corporate image, which is based on innovation, continuity, consistency and quality.

What are ATOSS marketing people like?

Creative people who are able to work under pressure and have strong communication skills; people who commit to high standards in the quality of their work and who have a can-do attitude. We not only command organizational skills and expertise in terms of project management, but we are always open to developing innovative solutions and taking responsibility for implementing them.

We are pleased to be judged by the results we achieve: The PR project entitled "The Miracle of Ingolstadt" was aired during prime time as part of the popular ZDF heute-journal. And we rank among the top 15 of the Best Marketing Companies in Germany. The distinction was bestowed by BBDO Consulting the Chair for Innovative Brand Management at the University of Bremen in 2009. The decisive factors include our consistent market orientation, our earnings and growth strength, as well as our stock market performance. And we are in good company with this accolade: Volkswagen, Wüstenrot and Henkel have taken the places 1 to 3. We are very pleased with these results and naturally, we are also a bit proud.

Image Elke Jäger, Director Marketing

Elke Jäger, Director Marketing

“The impressive market presence ATOSS has staked out is no coincidence: we are a high-performing team that genuinely  enjoys developing innovative campaigns. As a medium-sized business, we also have the benefit of being able to reduce response times and react quickly."