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Recognizing trends and devising strategies

Our portfolio

Our product management team is always where the action is: monitoring competition, recognizing trends, implementing product concepts and devising corporate strategies. This is how we generate the solutions that deliver maximum benefit for our customers.

Located at the interface between development, sales and marketing, product management is the central hub of our business activity. Product managers ensure that communications within and around the company run smoothly, thereby advancing product development and marketing activities. In this way, you are directly involved in ATOSS success.

Our staff can choose to work in one of three focus areas:

  • Technical Product Managers manage the continuous development of our products. Together, they gather customer requests, market requirements and internal suggestions for improvement and then proceed to evaluate and specify them, ensuring that they are all included in release planning.
  • Product Line Managers keep a close eye on the market. They observe the competition and identify market trends. They work with management board members to devise product strategies and draw up business plan accordingly.
  • Our Product Marketing Managers ensure that the market is fully aware of the benefits of our solutions. They devise powerful USPs and provide specialist input for marketing communications. They are also responsible for the timely announcement of new releases and delivering the appropriate training.

All of these roles have one thing in common: they call for professionals with strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as individuals who are also capable of accommodating a range of opinions and interests.

Image Markus Wieser, Executive Director Product Management

Markus Wieser, Executive Director Product Management

"My staff value the interaction, wide spectrum of tasks and generous room for maneuver that we offer, plus the opportunity to make significant contributions to the success of the company."