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Taking the lead with cutting-edge technologies

We shape the future

Over 130 people are part of the ATOSS development team and work from our Munich, Cham and Timisoara (Romania) locations. These professionals are in close contact with product management, and are the specialists that they call in to develop new products and upgrade existing ones. Our developers provide our customers with comprehensive service offerings and professional care and maintenance.

Our solutions are jointly developed by IT experts, mathematics and business administration specialists, both young and experienced staff alike. Team members who have been with the company ten years or more share their knowledge and experience with the younger members. Some of us have been with ATOSS for the entire career.

Inquisitiveness, creativity, abstract thinking, reliability and endurance are important aspects of working as a developer at ATOSS. A willingness to address complex issues over fairly long periods is also a requisite. Staff can chose to do this from their preferred site – and also abroad if they so desire. Timisoara, Romania today, then maybe a two-month stint in Munich, Germany.

What aspects of working with ATOSS do developers value?

Working with advanced technology, tools and procedures. Developing superior software for top-flight customers and, last but not least, the positive spirit in the development teams. These teams are organized by specialist area, but when a new release is imminent, they all work together to bring the project to a successful completion. We are constantly taking the opportunity to develop our skills. We ensure that our expertise in terms of technology, procedures and tools is always completely up to date. For long-term projects, we keep a close eye on the market: our flagship product ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite is the result of around 900 developer working years and close cooperation with our customers.

Image Eberhard Walcher, Executive Director, Research & Development

Eberhard Walcher, Executive Director, Research & Development

“Customers who decide to go with ATOSS are building on secure investments. As a software house, we support our products over the years, guaranteeing the best long-term solution for our customers in terms of their sector and requirements”.