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We value skills and experience

Specialists and professionals with leadership qualities

We are searching for specialists – experienced professionals who take on responsible roles and stand out through their conceptual thinking and initiative. We are looking for the appropriate professional experience, a personal success story and expertise in your area.

Image professionals at ATOSS

As a professional with leadership qualities, you maintain the overall view, and you solve crisis situations with your interpersonal skills and talent for diplomacy. Social skills and a calm, considered approach are among your strengths. In leading managerial roles, you demonstrate negotiation skills and an ability to build and develop teams. You also give great importance to the exchange of expertise and experience within the team, which you support through taking responsibility and action where required.

We offer professionals and senior professionals the opportunity to have a significant influence on the development of our Company.

Skills in specialist areas

We expect our staff to show creativity, inquisitiveness and a readiness to address complex issues. Consultancy skills are important in all specialist areas.

  • As a sales professional or product manager, you are familiar with the consultancy-based software solutions market, ideally for HR. Cold calling, consultancy and closing sales with ease are all part of your daily work.
  • In the development area, you will need to have a feel for new products and technology and expertise in terms of technical implementation. We require our experienced staff to support their younger colleagues.
  • To work in marketing, you need to have product management experience, organizational skills and a good eye for design.

Shape the Workforce Management market with us!