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Applying to ATOSS – Q&A

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Information on a career at ATOSS Software AG

Find answers to your questions about your application here.

What career opportunities does ATOSS offer?


We need people who like to get things moving. We offer exciting prospects for experienced professionals, but we also have a well defined policy of nurturing highly motivated new entrants. Students can come to us straight from their studies, and we also offer our trainees a solid start to their career in a wide range of disciplines. Maybe you need to gain some more professional experience? We also offer internships and part-time jobs for students. You will find descriptions of current vacancies and details of what ATOSS is looking for here.

Does ATOSS offer posts to graduands?


Yes, especially in the specialist areas of development and product management - we are often looking for committed students with an eye to the future. If you are looking for a suitable company for writing your thesis, we would be happy to hear from you.

Which documents should my application contain?


Your application is your business card. It offers us a first impression of your personal history, professional achievements and concrete goals. It is a major factor in deciding whether you are the person for us. This is why it is very important that you send us as much documentation as possible, including covering letter, CV, supporting documents and certificates. The profile you provide us with needs to include solid information about you and your background, required role, salary expectations, possible start date and preferred ATOSS location.

Sales and consulting with ATOSS – does it require a lot of traveling?


One of our goals is to attend to our customers as best we can and deliver excellent service. This means that, most of the time, our sales people and consultants work directly on site with customers four days a week. The willingness to travel is therefore a major precondition. Having said that, the regional structure of our teams means that round trips can be made on the same day in most cases.

Can I also work for ATOSS from overseas locations?


So far, our core business has been focused on the German-speaking world. Apart from our head office in Munich, we have local offices in Austria (Vienna)Switzerland (Zurich) and Netherlands (Utrecht). Moreover, we set up a rapidly growing office in Romania (Timisoara).

What development prospects does ATOSS offer?


ATOSS places high value on the personal and professional development of its staff. Companies who want to come out ahead of their competitors need highly motivated and qualified people. We have an ongoing development program of training and seminars offering new prospects – as a specialist in your field or with a direct view to a career in a management position. It is also possible to move between departments.

How and where can I meet the ATOSS team face to face?


You will find us at major specialist IT and HR fairs such as Personal Süd, Personal Nord and Zukunft Personal, Zilele Carierei and JobShop in Timisoara, and at industry trade fairs such as EuroCIS, EuroShop and Medica. We also attend recruiting and graduate fairs on a regular basis. We might be in your area soon. You will find a list of the events we are attending here.

Whom should I contact if I have further questions?


The ATOSS Software AG recruiting team will be happy to help you with any further questions. Just get in touch.