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Defining moments in the history of ATOSS

A journey with ATOSS through almost 30 years of Workforce Management

Since its inception in the year 1987, ATOSS has evolved as a company that has not only consistently held its position on the markets, but has also remained firmly focused on one paramount goal: always maintaining the number one position and staying those decisive steps ahead of the pack at all times. Accompany us on our course through the years and learn more about the convincing milestones of our company history.




ATOSS Annual Report 2016

ATOSS Annual Report 2016

11 record years in a row and around 30 exiting customer projects – read more online.


10th record year in succession


Our figures of 2015 show that Workforce Management is gaining in importance.

Interested? Browse our anual report online.

Annual Report 2015

100@ATOSS Timisoara


We are pleased to welcome our 100th colleague in our branch office in Romania.


Next generation user experience


The new ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite 10 convinces with puristic looks, clear interaction design, top notch functionality and state of the art technology. Browser-based – Workforce Management, independent of time and place!

Fair Play


We are participating in the “Fair Company Initiative“ initiated and hosted by Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche. This year ATOSS has again been awarded as a fair company for interns, trainees and young professionals.

ATOSS was awarded top credit standing rating


For the fourth time in a row our excellent credit standing has been certified - positioning us among the most financially sound companies in Germany. Employees, customers and partners all stand to profit

ATOSS presents the 2014 annual report


2014 will be the ninth record year in a row in the company history. ATOSS recorded product and market growth, as well as growth across all sectors, and has set the course for a successful 2015 business year.


A one-two pass: 10 years of ATOSS Romania and
a brand new company building


Right on time for the tenth anniversary of ATOSS Romania, our team moved in to the new ATOSS building in Timisoara. It goes without saying that our colleagues were more than pleased with their new “headquarters“ and celebrated the inauguration in due style.

"Top 30" Corporations


According to a long term study by Börse Online, ATOSS ranks among the top 30 high-growth companies in Germany. And we must admit that this fills us with a measure of pride ...

New subsidiary in the Netherlands


The process of internationalization is well underway. Following subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland and Romania, we will be opening a location in Utrecht in September. We wish our start-up team every success!

ATOSS Annual Report 2013 published


Over eight record years from 2006 to 2013. This year, we let our customers and figures do the talking. The outlook for 2014? Positive! The Gartner analysts confirm that the market holds excellent growth potential. ATOSS is in an excellent position to address this with intelligent workforce management solutions.


ATOSS publishes Annual Report 2012


The 25th year in ATOSS company’s history was another record year for sales and earnings.This sustained successful development underscores the fact that ATOSS is ideally placed for continuing growth.


25 Years – Happy Birthday ATOSS!

ATOSS feiert den 25. Geburtstag

More than 4,000 customers worldwide use our software and a passionate team with visions for a future. That's our interim result that fills us with pride! But, there's more to come. We never stop pushing the limits. Let's get started!

The ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite 8 is off to a dynamic start

Our Enterprise Solution is now also available on tablet PCs, which makes Workforce Management even more mobile and intuitive. Apart from conventional time and attendance management the focus is increasingly on the active and direct steering of personnel deployment. Flexibility and mobility are the name of the game, not only in field service.


is the Japanese term for Workforce Management. The ATOSS Retail Solution is now being put to the test in the Far East for the first time – at all of the branches of the Eddie Bauer fashion label, which belongs to the Otto Group. Our solution was adapted to specific Japanese conditions within record time.


Top rating of 1 by Hoppenstedt

ATOSS erhält Hoppenstedt TOP Rating

Once again the independent rating agency Hoppenstedt has awarded ATOSS with the "Top-Business-Partner" certificate in 2012.

With a credit rating of 1 ATOSS achieved the best possible result and is one of the 4.4% out of 4.7 million companies to receive this award.

An award winning year for ATOSS

ATOSS Geschäftsbericht 2011

The year 2011 goes down as the sixth record year in succession. The company's consistently strong performance is not overlooked on the markets and the company attracts a number of coveted awards.



University clinics opt for the ATOSS Medical Solution

It's back to university for us. The J.W. Goethe University Hospital in Frankfurt am Main (KGU) has introduced the ATOSS Medical Solution. Following the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, KGU is the second university clinic that we gained as customer in 2011.

ATOSS awarded TOP rating by Hoppenstedt

ATOSS erhält Hoppenstedt TOP Rating

The rating agency Hoppenstedt has singled out ATOSS for the "Top-Business-Partner" certificate for 2011. This distinction places ATOSS among the 3.3% of the 4.5 million German companies that can point to a credit standing index rating of 1.

ATOSS and SAP®: Workforce Management without system boundaries

We have now opened our Enterprise solution for SAP® users. With immediate effect you can use your SAP® solution and plan and steer your Workforce Management in a demand, service and cost optimized manner – without making any compromises in terms of functionality.


Lifestyle and health care


We are looking forward to exciting new projects in our core sectors – on national and international levels. Among others, the renowned lifestyle brand Tommy Hilfiger selected the ATOSS Retail Solution for its operations across Europe. And the major facility J.W. Goethe University Hospital in Frankfurt am Main with some 4,000 employees will be operating with the ATOSS Medical Solution in future.


New customer Praktiker AG

And a very warm welcome. Following the DIY player Hornbach and retailer Max Bahr, the Praktiker Group has also opted for Workforce Management Solutions by ATOSS. In an initial step, our solution will be helping to manage some 13,000 members of staff at 225 DIY markets in Germany. We are looking forward to an exciting project.


20 years DB and ATOSS


Deutsche Bahn, the world's second largest logistics enterprise, already made the decision for our solutions back in 1991. Up to 1,200 time administrators, dispatchers, schedulers and administrators are able to access the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite simultaneously in order to secure the optimal planning and steering of some 70,000 employees.

First Class Service in the hotel and catering sector


Rolling out the ATOSS Hospitality Solution the company has launched a new Workforce Management software suite for the hotel and catering sector. Fielding the new solution we have expanded our focus to include an especially services intensive sector, in which demand and cost optimized staff deployment features as a decisive success factor.


Wincor Nixdorf: International partnership for retailing

Wincor Nixdorf expands its software portfolio by our Workforce Management offerings: ATOSS Retail Solution is seamlessly integrated into the company's TP Application Suite and sold across Europe. The component is called TPWorkforce and provides retailing companies across Europe with cost and service oriented Workforce Management.


The ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite 7 has arrived


We are now presenting the latest generation of our modular enterprise solutions ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite and ATOSS Startup Edition. With the new Generation 7, ATOSS is now making a mobile Workforce Management App for smartphones and a dashboard for planners available. Welcome to tomorrow's world of work.

ATOSS Time Control 6 debuts


ATOSS is now presenting the all-new, entirely JAVA based ATOSS Time Control 6 solution. After more than three years development work we are launching a new generation of our SME solution on the markets that is setting benchmarks in terms of performance, functionality and user friendliness. Our paramount objective was to create a simple, straightforward but very performance-strong solution for state-of-the-art time and attendance management in small and medium sized companies.

2010 business figures: Upward trend continues unabated


For the fifth year in a row ATOSS presents record figures, clearly reflecting our continued success course. Top results and rising customer numbers underscore the fact that the ATOSS business model is firmly established in the Workforce Management growth market. We accompany companies on their course to the future.



The ATOSS Retail Solution goes for gold


Our sector solution supports more than 400 retailing companies in deploying their Human Resources in a cost optimized and service oriented manner. An achievement that the readers of "handelsjournal" – the specialist retailing magazine – chose to acknowledge with an award: in 2010 the ATOSS Retail Solution was elected as "Top Product Retailing" (gold award).

Top position

We rank among Germany's dynamic, strong growth companies. A long-term study conducted by the business magazine "Börse Online" documents what our performance figures reflect: ATOSS takes third place among Germany's stock market listed high growth companies – a fact we are somewhat proud of.


Curtains up for the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite 6


The new ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite 6 sets benchmarks in terms of flexibility, interoperability, performance capabilities and simplicity – which pleases our customers.


Douglas goes ATOSS: The fragrance of success

Europe's perfumery market leader with a total of 1,220 perfumeries in 22 countries has opted for the ATOSS Retail Solution. In Douglas perfumeries we have now gained a further Douglas Group company as customer in addition to thalia.ch and AppelrathCüpper.


Business figures 2009: Record results in a year of crisis


In spite of a global recession ATOSS presents record figures in 2009 for the fourth time in a row. Our investments in research and development and the 100% conversion to JAVA have clearly paid off. ATOSS solutions deliver tangible benefits – in good times and bad times alike.



ATOSS Retail Solution awarded as "Top Product Retailing 2009"


The readers of "handelsjournal" – the specialist magazine for the retailing sector – have arrived at a clear decision on what actual practice has proved time and time again: Workforce Management is becoming a success story in retailing. Our sector solution took the "Top Product Retailing 2009“ award in gold, in the process optimization category.

Global implementation: PUMA ready to run with ATOSS


We welcome a great new customer in the retailing sector: PUMA AG with more than 9,700 employees worldwide has decided to implement the ATOSS Retail Solution at the brand's retail outlets worldwide. Apart from its Workforce Management competence, our software also speaks German, English, Dutch, French and Swiss German (Schwyzerdütsch).

Happy Birthday Timisoara!


Our location in Romania celebrates its fifth birthday. In the meantime, our team has grown to around 60 members, mainly active in product development. And naturally, we celebrate the anniversary in style.

Best Marketing Company Award


BBDO Consulting and the Chair for Innovative Brand Management at the University of Bremen selected ATOSS as one of the Top 15 of Germany's Best Marketing Companies. Key criteria are consistent market focus, earnings and growth strength, as well as share price performance. We find ourselves in good company here: major companies as Volkswagen, Wüstenrot and Henkel took first to third place, respectively.

Business figures 2008: Three in a row


We proudly present another set of outstanding figures: For the third year in a row ATOSS has posted double digit growth rates in sales and profit. Currently, some 2.5 million employees are managed with the help of our solutions. According to IDC, we rank among the top 5 in Europe in the Workforce Management market.



ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite 5: Open for everything


The latest Generation 5 marks the start of a new strategic direction: the Business Services module enables the open integration of our software with external applications. For our customers this opens up new perspectives for corporate wide process optimization in all human resource related matters.

Deutsche Bahn on track with Workforce Management


For more than 15 years Germany's largest mobility and logistics enterprise has been relying on our software. Deutsche Bahn now migrates to the JAVA based ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite 4.

Helmut Täger, Head of Personnel Service Center,
Deutsche Bahn AG, Frankfurt:
"The smooth and seamless transition to the new JAVA-based platform providing us with a considerably greater measure of flexibility and functionality proves once again that we made the right decision at the beginning of the nineties."

A very warm welcome: ATOSS adds its 200th member of staff


We rank among the key players on the future market of Workforce Management. This position is the result of the people at ATOSS – competent, creative and committed professionals. A total of 200 employees are joining forces and ensuring that ATOSS will continue to serve its customers with leading edge technology, highly efficient solutions and professional consulting – now and in future. And there is no end in sight to the upward trend.


Business figures 2007: Success is fun – plain and simple


The 2007 business year draws to an end with record sales and profit, driven by a high volume of incoming orders and strong gains in orders on the book in the licensing business. Having turned 20, ATOSS commands an excellent position and remains firmly on a growth course.



20 years old at last! Time for a big party at ATOSS


ATOSS was founded in 1987 and consisted of a team of five professionals. The aim was to create a product that would meet all the demands made on a comprehensive time and attendance management system, that would be deployable regardless of sector and company size. In 2007 ATOSS throws a big "birthday" party celebrating the successful result of 20 years of pioneer and develop work and rolls out the red carpets.

Business figures 2006: ATOSS reports a record year


 ATOSS looks back on the most successful business year in the history of the company. Leading retail corporations such as Max Bahr or EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Rhein-Ruhr have made the decision to switch to our solutions. And our innovative strengths were also well received by existing customers: Coca-Cola migrated to the new JAVA based ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite, thereby charting its course to the future with ATOSS.


We proudly present: Major releases for all company sizes

The Generation 4 of our ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite sets benchmarks in terms of functionality and user friendliness. And the new ATOSS Time Control 5 is a top flight product in terms of look and feel, user interface and technologies.



The future has arrived: Technology leap with the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite 3


Not just a conventional change of generation but a quantum leap to an entirely new software generation: the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite 3 represents a successful innovation resulting from many years of intensive development work – leading edge JAVA architecture and even greater flexibility.


New location: Hi Timisoara!


ATOSS opens a new location in Timisoara, Romania, with the aim of expanding the company's developer team.

Meyer Werft: Workforce Management in line with the orders on the book


A total of 1,800 suppliers, 4,600 creditors and around 45,000 order items outline the magnitude of a ship construction project at Meyer Werft. This complexity calls for an order-linked Workforce Management solution that we developed in cooperation with Meyer Werft.


Top entrepreneurial performance: A lion for ATOSS


We rank among "Bavaria's Best 50“. The Bavarian Ministry of State bestowed the "porcelain lion award" on fifty companies from different sectors that achieved exceptional sales gains and strong workforce growth between 1998 and 2002.

ATOSS convinces ALDI SÜD


Following extensive tests, ALDI SÜD opted for ATOSS. We were pleased to master the challenge of rapidly and smoothly implementing the solution at a total of 1,500 stores.

Stock market news

The ATOSS share is admitted to the Prime Standard of Deutsche Börse.



Creative award: ATOSS and the miracle of Ingolstadt


Lower costs, better patient care – as well as more favorable working conditions: the Bavarian Taxpayer's Association (Bund der Steuerzahler in Bayern e.V.), Klinikum Ingolstadt and ATOSS, as the first private economy company, are honored with the Creative Award 2002. The media heralded our IT project as the "Miracle of Ingolstadt, while the public TV channels ARD and ZDF featured reports on the project.

Innovation award in the health care sector

The renowned international congress organizer IR bestows the Hospital Innovation Award 2002 on ATOSS and Klinikum Ingolstadt.


We've reached the TOP

ATOSS now ranks among Europe's top 500 companies.


Happy Birthday ATOSS!

We have just turned 15 and are ambitious and dynamic as ever before. The ATOSS team counts 150 members, while there are more than 2000 clients on our customer roster. We celebrate our birthday in style and push ahead at full speed with the development of our future software solutions.



Stock market flotation: ATOSS goes public


ATOSS obtains a listing on the Neuer Markt segment of Deutsche Börse. This successful listing marks the beginning of a red hot phase – dynamic, exciting and adrenaline packed. And our high expectations of the stock market listing are fulfilled. We have clearly defined our goal: We aim to rank among the top 3 on the market. Today, we are one of the most successful companies in our sector.

Growing together

We take over the firm CSD Systemhaus GmbH in Cham. Our SME clients look forward to benefitting from our expanded consulting and solution competence. We are pleased to welcome highly committed new colleagues and the addition of a great new product to our portfolio.



Grüezi ATOSS Zurich, Servus ATOSS Vienna!

New sales offices open their doors in Vienna and Zurich.

ATOSS Software AG

ATOSS Software AG is founded.



It's all JAVA now!


As the first company in the sector we have placed our Web Client entirely on JAVA. While this demanded a considerable amount of development input it was well worth the effort.


No Limits

ATOSS products become available on all platforms – from Windows NT to UNIX and on to IBM AS 400.


The integration concept

ATOSS integrates time recording, company data recording and Workforce Management by way of a shared database. This enables complex analyses of all key time relevant processes in companies.


Deutsche Lufthansa opts for ATOSS


Following a challenging pilot phase, the carrier Lufthansa decides to implement ATOSS software throughout the entire organization, and has remained an ATOSS client to this day.

Value added partnerships

ATOSS gains a strong partner in IBM – a partner that opens the door to many large corporations for us.



Small firm, large scale customers

Driven by a pioneering, innovative spirit, the team of ten professionals squares off with the major players in the sector – and successfully. Deutsche Bahn, one of our first large scale customers, continues to place its faith in our solutions. Bayer AG was also among the early adopters and featured as one of the key customers of the company's early years.


A revolution emerges from a backyard office


ATOSS consists of a team of five professionals, working in a backyard office. At the time, the business idea had emerged and matured out of ongoing business activities. The result is a standard software solution for time and attendance management that can be used by companies in all sectors and of all sizes, as well as running on all standard computer platforms. The product marks the beginning of the ATOSS story.