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 ATOSS Stock
 ATOSS Stock


Consistent dividend policy

ATOSS AG has been quoted on the Regulated Market at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since March 21, 2000 and listed by Deutsche Börse AG (as a founder member) in the Prime Standard – the quality segment of the market – since January 2, 2003. We consistently adhere to a dividend policy that allows shareholders to share generously in the success of our enterprise. We cordially invite you to share in the success of ATOSS.

Share price

Keep up to date with the ATOSS share price: Direct link to the stock market.


The constantly updated Orderbook displays the ten best offers to buy and sell ATOSS shares.

Share buy-back

An overview of the share buy-back program.

Analysts' reports

ATOSS from the analysts' perspective: Here you will find current reports and recent research.

Key performance indicators

Sales, EBIT, earnings per share and shareholder structure at a glance.