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­many years of­ experience,­ BEST-OF-BREED solutions­ and demonstrable­ success

ATOSS Consulting is a dedicated specialist for modern workforce management. We ensure that you will make the very best use of your most essential, and at the same time most expensive resource – your employees. More impactful and efficient workforce management reduces costs and translates as greater flexibility and productivity – the sound foundation for sustainable success.

The perfect solution for your specific requirements

We advise and consult on processes and organizational structure to support companies from every sector and of every size finding the optimum structure for their workforce scheduling and time management processes along the entire value chain. In the process, we will help you to optimize your workflows and standardize processes. This will enable you to react to changes even faster in future and improve your competitiveness over the long term.

OUR CONSULTING PORTFOLIO: DELIVERING optimal­ solutionS for your­ specific­ requirements

Process and organizational consulting by ATOSS comprehensively supports companies of all sizes and in all industries in achieving the ideal design of their workforce scheduling and time management processes – along the entire value chain. We will assist you in optimizing workflows and standardizing processes, too. This will enable you to respond even more rapidly to changes in the future, while improving your long-term competitive strengths.

Our range of services is as multifaceted as the demands you make on modern workforce management. The focus of our process and organizational consulting is on the following topic areas:

  • Working time flexibilization
  • Designing and organizing working time models
  • Downtime management
  • Demand-oriented workforce scheduling
  • Requirements forecast
  • Potential and process analysis
  • Process design
  • Company agreements
  • Change management


Innovative working time models and ergonomic shift schedules in conjunction with efficient time and attendance management are increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor. We support you in the efficient, employee-oriented and demand-oriented management of your personnel. Tailored and fine-tuned to your company-specific requirements, we will flexibilize working time and shift models, streamline planning and administration processes – while creating transparency in deployment scenarios. At the same time, these measures will increase employee satisfaction and enhance your attractiveness as an employer.

Our­ consultants:­ practical knowledge­ from around 10,000 projects

Our consultants draw on over 30 years of experience and the in-depth know-how amassed in around 10,000 projects in the field of workforce management. Your advantage: You will benefit from directly implementable best practices that have already proven themselves many times over. We’re at your side, supporting you from strategy through to practical implementation based on a systematic and proven process model. Many of our consultants have also gained experience in international strategy and management consulting – so naturally, these competencies are also at your disposal.

Our ­success STORIES: LET THE FACTS, FIGURES AND customers­ speak for themselves

Our projects demonstrate that the average annual potential in the area of workforce management for a company with 1,000 employees is in the range of millions. Customers such as Fronius International, EDEKA, dm Drogeriemärkte, Augustinum, Procter & Gamble, RITTER SPORT or thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel have taken their very first steps into professional workforce management with a comprehensive potential analysis of their processes and possible optimizations. After all, demand-optimized workforce management will only unleash its fullest potential when placed on sound foundations.

We would be happy to assist you in designing your future-oriented, highly competitive workforce management solution. As seasoned practitioners, we will support you from the very outset all the way through to the implementation of the project in operational practice. After all, your success is what counts as our success.

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