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Holistic, systematic, expertise and excellence

ATOSS Consulting is a consulting operation specializing in workforce management commanding in-depth technical knowledge and drawing on track record of excellence spanning more than 30 years. Our superbly trained consultants pool experience gained at international management consultancies. ATOSS has already realized more than 8.000 workforce management projects for customers from all sectors and of all sizes worldwide. Here, our holistic approach to our consultancy work factors in all the relevant aspects for taking your workforce management to the next level. We pursue a structured, proven project approach with a clear focus on realizing benefits, and you can rely on best practice solutions that really work.

Revamping workforce management

If a workforce management project is to succeed, it is crucial that all the enhancement measures cover the company in its entirety:

  • the corporate culture, working time arrangements, the flexibilization of working time and works agreements

  • the core operational processes, such as holiday planning or managing absences
  • the organization, including centralized planning for example
  • and the workforce management software deployed, comprising requirements and specifications.

Only an integrated approach covering all these aspects enable the implementation of solutions delivering maximum benefits and creating the best conditions for all parties and stakeholders.

ATOSS Workforce Management

Optimization of workforce management: service packages per phase of the project.

Step by step: Making systematic, specific improvements

We will lead you through every phase of the workforce management optimization process enabling you to benefit from the fullest inherent potential. The first question to answered in a workforce management project is the resulting benefits. Which is why the first thing we do is to conduct process and potential analyses to identify change requirements. In the process, we record the status quo of the existing processes in your company, show you tried and tested, best practice solutions, draw up a business case and define the specific software requirements as well as the specifications.

After the analysis: How can we achieve the maximum benefits?

The next step is defining what your workforce management is to look like in future so that your company benefits from the maximum rewards. We then develop an overarching workforce management concept tailored to your organization, and make specific optimizations.

The concept defines the target, describes the project structure and provides a roadmap. It also takes account of works agreements, defines the process design, and covers the organizational set-up and role profiles. In the course of our optimization work, we draw up expedient working time arrangements, improve shift models and put absence management in place.

We support this project phase with an overarching change management concept in order to embed the change resulting from workforce management optimization firmly in your company. As an auxiliary measure, we provide a concept for communicating the changes and its implementation. In this way, the project benefits are transparently communicated to employees and stakeholders.

Successfully implementing your optimized workforce management

After completing these preparations it is high time to take your workforce management to the next level in actual practice. ATOSS Professional Service experts handle the entire software installation. Our pros perform quality inspections, conduct an implementation check and are at your side in a continuous improvement process. We then identify any new, outstanding issues requiring optimization. Our consultancy services also include a benefit analysis and a roadmap for sustainable optimization. In this way, your new workforce management will deliver the maximum benefits.

On an operational level, e.g. maintenance or support, you will also be supported by ATOSS Professional Service.

On an operational level, e.g. maintenance or support, you will also be supported by ATOSS Professional Service.

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