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The new legislation on lower limits for nursing staff entails challenges for hospitals of all sizes. Saarbrücken Clinics with its roughly 2,000 employees has adapted to this development at an early juncture and is well prepared for the new legislation to strenghten the nursing staff. For years, this maximum care facility has been emphasizing flexibility and transparency in its duty scheduling, relying on the ATOSS Medical Solution. The software also provides tremendous help with the Verification Directive that has been in place since January 2019. The targeted and actual working times of the entire hospital staff are stored centrally in the system. The statutory reporting by quarter, ward and shift is available at the touch of a button. The hospital owners can easily document all information required by legislation. Added to this are the strategic benefits of digital duty scheduling and qualifications management. The responsible personnel can manage their nursing staff, whether specialist nurses or auxiliary staff, exactly as required by the new directive. The midnight statistics from the SAP based hospital information system serve as the basis for daily planning in the ATOSS solution. Modifications to the plan can be carried out at short notice during the day. As a result, the hospital has achieved a high level of security and reliability in its care arrangements.

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A standby pool with more than 30 qualified staff is available for selected shifts, or defined days across all wards. This serves as an additional tool promoting the employee-oriented flexibilization of working time. In this way, short-term bottlenecks can be alleviated. Saarbrücken Clinics, however, is not only breaking new ground in the healthcare sector with Workforce Management. Working times of choice based on employee life phases, specialist training of junior nurses and the specific reallocation of jobs to other professional groups enable this top-notch, regional facility to maintain high care standards, while operating a sound business at the same time. Patients and staff benefit in equal measure. And this is striking a welcome note on the labor market – reflected by the fact that Focus Money recently awarded the clinic the “Top Career Opportunities in Hospitals” seal.

Source: Our customer Saarbrücken Clinics | ATOSS Annual Report 2018

We have taken preemptive measures at an early stage. We are meeting the acute shortage of skilled professionals head on with innovative working time concepts. And we are well equipped to deal with the latest statutory requirements.

Thomas Hesse | Head of Personnel Administration and Controlling
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