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In 1998 the Balzac Coffee Company opened their first coffee bar in Hamburg – bringing the concept of coffee shops to Germany. Today, this successful restaurant chain operates a total of 49 Balzac Coffee branches and World Coffee Shops with 700 employees. Balzac’s trademarks are superior quality and friendly service. In order to guarantee high service levels at the branches without personnel costs exploding, the deployment of resources has to be spot on, tailored to needs and transparent.

The Balzac Coffee Company manages this challenge with the help of the ATOSS Retail Solution supplied through MICROS with an interface to their MICROS Oscar point of sales system. Whether shop-in-shop, 6-man coffee bar in a retail location or a large branch with 50 employees at Hannover central station – each coffee shop has different opening hours, different customer flows and different sales. No branch is like any other and they all must be individually managed. And that is exactly our strength. The ATOSS Retail Solution ensures that the number of employees planned on a quarter-hourly Basis is exactly right for the number of customers forecast. The forecasting and planning process includes the size of receipts, amount of sales, number of customers, seasonal fluctuations, special circumstances peculiar to the location, a wide variety of different shift models, working conditions, availabilities and the defined Level of staff productivity. ATOSS Retail Solution and Employee & Manager Self Services create a higher degree of transparency throughout the Company at Balzac. This is appreciated by employees and management alike. The next objective the coffee pioneers from North Germany have set themselves is to introduce the Automatic Duty Schedule for even greater planning quality. At the end of the day it is the customer who benefits: from an even better service and a delicious espresso or cappuccino served up on the spot.

Source: Our customer Balzac Coffee Company | ATOSS Annual Report 2013

Our branch Managers can draw up the duty plan online, while our employees can view their personal data at any time. At headquarters, management accesses detailed analyses with a single mouse click. We have found the tool for keeping a firm grip on one of the most important levers in the Restaurant business, personnel costs.

Benedikt Butt | Manager of the Project
Balzac Coffee Company

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