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At Vetter, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical suppliers for the clinical development and commercial manufacture of parenteral drugs, professional workforce management is a strategic issue as well. Advanced, leading edge production plants, comprehensive expertise and an attractive working environment for the 3,300 employees in Germany and the USA set the foundation for the success of this fill & finish partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. The company is headquartered in Ravensburg.

Employees in all ten facilities locally and in Chicago are managed with the aid of the ATOSS enterprise solution. The Automatic Duty Plan allocates employees to the relevant workplace taking into account defined criteria such as the qualifications required to carry out a job. Production workers can view the current duty schedules on central monitors at all times. ATOSS Employee & Manager Self Services actively include all the company’s employees in the time and attendance management process. Lean production and the necessary flexibility in all personnel matters – that is how Vetter is able to prevail in international competition.

Best of Prodction

For more flexible personnel processes in production

Business cases from the production sector. For a future-oriented, flexible workforce scheduling.

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ATOSS customer Vetter

Our customer: Vetter | ATOSS Annual Report 2014

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