Things certainly move fast at UPC Austria, a leading provider of communication and entertainment in Austria. Internet customers hurtle through the fiber-optic network at speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s, while mobile phone customers surf at top speeds on their smartphones and tablets thanks to LTE. TV customers can use the replay function to view films and series shown in the last seven days when, wherever and as often as they would like. The company provides rapid, easy access to the digital world, serving more than 650,000 residential and business customers at home and on the go. Whether it’s high-speed Internet for frequent users or 160 digital TV channels for TV aficionados – UPC has the right package for every user. And soon there will also be a sustainable workforce management solution in place. Because the company has decided to introduce ATOSS Time Control for its 1,200 employees and to establish time and attendance management throughout the operation.

The expertise of ATOSS staff and the allround functionality of the modular solution convinced management in the selection process. And there is a lot to be done at UPC. The aim on the one hand is to replace a system architecture that has evolved over many years. On the other, the challenge is to design the best possible model to cover the Austrian collective agreement, comprehensive company agreements, numerous working time models and the complicated on-call rules by which technicians work. In future, employees will automatically register their working time at all locations via terminals provided by our partner PCS. Holidays and absences will be applied for and approved in a paperless process using the Employee Self Service workflow. 150 employees with on-call duties will be able to clock on and off through their smartphone anytime and anywhere by means of a mobile app. All the data from the working time management system will be immediately available online for evaluations and analyses. Interfaces with the in-house personnel management system HUMA and the payroll accounting system Sage DPW ensure the smooth transfer of all relevant information. Further areas of application are already in discussion. For example, thought is being given to scheduling the agents in the B2B Service Center with ATOSS Time Control to better reflect customer demands. No problem – the standard version of our solution has it all covered. Welcome to the digital workspace!

Source: Our customer UPC Austria | ATOSS Annual Report 2017


Praxisbeispiele aus der Branche Dienstleistung. Für eine zukunftsorientierte und flexible Personaleinsatzplanung.

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