Workforce management in the cloud

Keep your eyes on the prize

Advancing digitization and globalization are precipitating//bring about massive changes to the working environment. Intuitive, professional workforce management solutions are playing a key role in the process of deploying the valuable resource of working time for the benefit of companies and employees, and generating added value. ATOSS has the right solution for every industry sector, every application scenario, every infrastructure and any company size. Whether time recording, time management, demand forecasting, human resource planning, self services, mobile apps, capacity planning or management analyses — we live and breathe workforce management with no ifs or buts. On premises or in the cloud, you decide which operating model serves your company best. We will supply your ATOSS solution in the version you prefer, as all modular ATOSS product suites are also available as cloud solutions with no restrictions.

Operating software the simple way

We will take care of hosting, running and managing your ATOSS solution. You can concentrate on your core business and reaping the benefits of your professional workforce management system. Our experienced cloud team will not only assume responsibility for the technical installation, commissioning and running of your ATOSS solution but also monitor the system on an ongoing basis and implement regular updates. The hardware running the system will naturally be the latest equipment. In this way, your application will always be on the leading edge, while easing the strain on IT capacities – with transparent costs and maximum scalability on top.

Our worry-free package for you

  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of your ATOSS solution
  • Includes all updates and new releases
  • Plus hotline
  • Leading edge hardware and hardware support
  • Professional system monitoring and incident management

Here’s what our cloud customers appreciate

  • Faster implementation
  • The very latest workforce management software
  • Measurable relief of IT resources
  • German contract and data protection law
  • Data storage in high-security, German data center
  • Transparent and predictable monthly costs
  • 99 percent availability
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