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ATOSS Call Center Solution: workforce management on call

When it comes to customer contact, service is absolutely paramount. Calls put on hold, lacking advisory services and stressed out agents drag down customer satisfaction and sales. Walking the fine line between cost-efficient capacity utilization and satisfactory availability is a day-to-day challenge facing call centers. Extremely flexible working hours and shift schedules are the name of the game. Precise staffing forecasts and workforce scheduling based on call volumes ensure that capacity is in place during peak call volumes. The forecasts not only take average case processing times into account, but also include the time required for back office activities. The ATOSS Call Center Solution excels in striking an optimum balance between personnel costs and service levels, while factoring in staff requirements and preferences at the same time. This takes workplace satisfaction to new levels – and highly motivated employees are simply the best!

ATOSS Workforce Management for the Call Center

Integrated workforce management at the call center – from workforce forecasting to workforce scheduling through to time management and transfer to the wage and salary accounting system.

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Transforming calls into planning data

Synchronizing workforce deployment and call volumes necessitates the precise analysis of past data and reliable forecasts based on this data. The ATOSS Call Center Solution offers various forecast models for determining personnel requirements. A number of factors are taken into account that are crucial to service levels. In addition to the number of contacts per time period, these include average case processing time, set-up and follow-up time and the number of calls an agent is able to handle within a given period. Once personnel requirements have been calculated, the next stage is to decide which employee is to work where, when and on which day. Here, agents’ qualifications and scheduling preferences are taken into account along with individual models; working time balances and allowances are also fed in with a view to optimizing costs. The software automatically generates a schedule proposal based on all the planning parameters: since planning and actual data are continuously compared, it is possible to make short term scheduling alterations and optimize planning quality over the long term as well.

Workforce scheduling with a future

The ATOSS Call Center Solution integrates the functions of time management, workforce forecasting and workforce scheduling. Offering unlimited scalability, the solution grows with the demands made on it. The portfolio can be further extended by adding numerous supplementary modules ranging from time recording, access control and qualification management through to mobile apps and self-services as well as strategic capacity and demand planning. The solution impresses with outstanding functionality, intuitive user guidance and state of the art technology. Platform-independent, it dovetails seamlessly with existing system infrastructures. Our customers benefit from low integration costs, superior performance and free choice of time recording equipment, databases and operating systems – in other words, long-term investment security. The ATOSS Call Center Solution is available in the cloud or on premises.

Benefits and effects

  • Significant reduction of administrative input
  • Enhanced planning precision due to precise forecasting
  • Service quality secured thanks to more flexible working time models
  • Cost-neutral balancing out of staffing peaks
  • Rapid response to changes
  • Outstanding cost transparency based on actual/target comparison
  • High level of staff satisfaction by factoring in scheduling preferences
  • Stronger motivation thanks to fairer scheduling
  • Long-term investment security based on platform independence


Need more functionalities? We’ll be more than happy to oblige! There is a wide range of supplementary modules available for the ATOSS Call Center Solution – after all, at ATOSS individual options come as standard. 

A comprehensive set of modules

  • Task Management
  • Automatic Duty Plan
  • Employee & Manager Self Service
  • Flexible Staffing Schedule
  • Capacity Planning
  • Cost Center Management
  • Employee Exchange System
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Workforce Forecasting
  • Planning Quality
  • Project Time Recording
  • Further Training Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Time Recording: Workplace, Telephone, Terminal
  • Access Control
  • Analysis of historical call data
  • Forecasting of future call volume
  • Workforce forecasting factoring in KPIs and service levels
  • Automatic calculation of demand-optimized working time models
  • Automatic generation of schedule proposals based on definable optimization criteria
  • Integration of back office activities
  • Automatic break optimization
  • Complete integration of time and attendance management, workforce forecasting and workforce scheduling
  • Integrated absence management for time and attendance management and workforce scheduling
  • Forecast of working time accounts and allowances in workforce scheduling based on working time management rules
  • Generation of information on current attendance/absence directly in workforce scheduling
  • Enable intelligent search for available and qualified employees allowing for working time accounts
  • Indication of deviations between actual demand and workforce scheduling
  • Display of freely definable performance indicators and optional graphic visualization
  • Mapping of working time and shift models
  • Recording of staff preferences
  • Inclusion and/or maintenance of staff qualifications
  • Plausibility checks of workforce schedules generated
  • Multi-dimensional evaluations of working time data, personnel requirements and personnel deployment
  • Standard interfaces to telephone system
  • Operational in the cloud and on premises
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