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Mr. Exner, why is digital workforce management so important to companies nowadays´?

Tobias Exner: The world of work is seeing an upheaval. Digitalization, working time flexibilization and employee self-determination are just some of the challenges facing companies across all sectors as they seek to hold their ground in dynamic markets. Technological and demographic change is making agile personnel processes absolutely imperative. A modern, IT-supported workforce management system provides the basis for this.

Interview Tobias Exner

How is this change impacting on companies?

Exner: The shortage of qualified specialists is an enormous challenge, for example. As a result, existing resources – in this case valuable working time – have to be planned as efficiently as possible so as to ensure they are optimized to meet demands and cut costs. In times of volatile markets in particular, system-supported control elements are required so as to be more productive and flexible in organizing substitutes and managing the required qualifications, for instance. This might be in production, where just-in-time manufacturing and orders with increasingly small batch sizes down to batch size one 1 are becoming the norm. Or in a sector such as retail, where demand-driven planning is required in daily competition with e-commerce so as to preserve the USP of direct customer service, thereby maintaining conversion rates. Without professional IT support, all this is virtually impossible to manage.

Is an intelligent workforce management system capable of tackling these problems?

Exner: It helps companies cope with the challenges of the digital transformation by means of flexible working time organization. IT-supported workforce management not only helps ensure long-term, demand-driven, cost-optimized and rule-compliant planning, it also provides day-to-day supervisory support – whether in terms of innovative working time organization, detailed workforce forecasting, ergonomic duty schedules or efficient staff integration.

And efficient staff integration is possible with a self service tool integrated in a workforce management solution?

Exner: Classic top-down planning is a thing of the past. Dynamic markets require a dynamic and flexible workforce. And this can only be achieved if staff are involved in working time management processes themselves – especially in workforce scheduling. However, a study conducted by Bochum University in 2016 showed that only 15 percent of the companies surveyed actually use a self service tool. 45 percent didn’t even know what such a system was. So there’s definitely a need for action here.

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What benefits does this type of system offer?

Exner: A self service tool such as the new ATOSS Staff Center promotes self-determination and satisfaction among employees at the workplace. If it is integrated in an intelligent workforce management system, all the data saved is available in real time. A clearly structured interface gives staff access to their working time management information such as their working time account and residual leave. They can easily apply for absences, supplements and overtime, as well as retroactively entering time stamps. It is also possible to organize such features as exchange platforms, preferential duty schedules and carpooling. At the same time, staff are actively informed about assignments to be dealt with, upcoming appointments and confirmed applications.

How much training does a solution like this require?

Virtually none, since everything is intuitive and can be handled very simply – in real time, too. Just as people are used to nowadays from their smartphones. All entries made by a user are verified at the time of entry – time delays are a thing of the past. The Staff Center has an impressively modern, purist design and is intended to be pleasurable to use. Which is exactly the effect it is having, according to what we’re hearing from the first customers.

Is this a step towards even more innovative workforce management for ATOSS?

Exner: With the Staff Center, we’re not just revolutionizing self service functions. It's also emblematic of ATOSS’ innovative strength in consistently reflecting the state of the art in terms of technology and functionality. Our aspiration is to offer our customers clear added value. For even better workforce management – both on premises and in the cloud. And for measurable success at all levels.

And the Staff Center can be combined with all ATOSS solutions?

Exner: Yes. The Staff Center is available for applications in the Enterprise Portfolio and for all sectors.

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