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Optimizing processes, increasing efficiency

While the global economy is opening up great opportunities for companies in all sectors, it is also presenting tremendous challenges: market volatility often requires short-term adaptations or even restructuring of business models. Full use of staff potential is crucial if a company is to remain competitive: the working time factor has become a highly valuable asset. The modern time recording software by ATOSS delivers optimum working time management.

Time recording software: a wealth of benefits

Flexible and mobile work, part time and marginal employment are becoming increasingly popular. But it is not enough to simply manage staff attendance and absence: at high-wage locations in particular, cost-effective time and attendance management is a vital competitive factor. Ideally, staff preferences should be taken into account so as to increase workforce motivation and satisfaction. Self services – frequently integrated in employee portals – allow staff to inform themselves at all times. Mobile apps are finding increasing use in time recording. In large workforces in particular, comprehensive working time management is virtually impossible without a suitable IT tool. Smaller companies are also deploying ATOSS time recording software, benefitting from efficiency gains in managing working time.

Stringent demands made on advanced working time recording

Today’s time recording software has to be able to record work performance simply and accurately directly on site, process the data taking statutory regulations and pay scales into account and generate clearly structured analyses. These criteria provided the basis for development of our time recording software. The result: automated processes, relief from routine tasks and more freedom to focus on the essentials. Time and attendance management integrates all the relevant aspects of modern working time management in a single solution: efficient time recording, management, assessment and analysis of working times and transfer of the relevant data to all commonly available payroll accounting systems. The integrated reporting system ensures transparency for management. The self services module actively involves managers and staff in time management processes, increasing individual responsibility and boosting staff satisfaction.

Our time recording software as an app gives staff a convenient and fast way of using their mobile devices to carry out timestamping, record cost center changes or apply for absences – regardless of their time or place of work.

Ginesh Koottakara | Account Manager
ATOSS Software AG

Efficient time recording for all sectors and sizes

The ATOSS time recording software is ideal for companies of all sizes and sectors and bundles the company’s in-depth expertise amassed over more than 30 years of project work. At present, around 5,500 customers worldwide place their trust in our longstanding workforce management experience. Our customers’ measurable success demonstrates the effectiveness of the ATOSS time recording software. Leveraging IT-supported workflows in the applications system and using the self services module for its staff, RITTER SPORT, for example, reduced workloads in its personnel department by 80 percent. But even companies with smaller workforces such as GfK Austria have harnessed ATOSS time recording software to reduce administrative effort and free up huge amounts of capacity.

Time recording – there’s an app for that

Time recording software as an app for mobile end devices is especially practical. Field staff can go online for timestamping, record cost center changes or apply for absences – regardless of their time and place of work. The data can then be processed quickly and simply by the relevant HR departments. Time recording systems also reduce the number queries, making processes more efficient and less error-prone.

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