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LuxairGroup: Precision planning - also in human resources

Ready for take off with efficient Workforce Management

LuxairGroup stands for stringent schedule efficiency, punctuality and excellent service. With 82.500m² of warehouse space and an annual capacity of a million tonnes, LuxairCARGO operates the fifth largest cargo airport in Europe. LuxairServices delivers smooth and seamless ground handling services for around 35,800 flights and 1.5 million passengers every year.

Luxemburg’s national airline company needed an integrated Workforce Management solution for all business areas in order to tap savings potential, reduce administrative input and increase transparency.

LuxairGroup: Off to new heights thanks to an integrated Workforce Management

Gilles Delattre
HR Controller & Project Manager, LuxairGroup
“The ATOSS solutions opens up completely new avenues for us in terms of human resources management. We are particularly impressed by the possibilities arising in combination with the integrated reporting and analysis tool. This provides us with all the data we need for a balanced scorecard in terms of strategic Workforce Management.”

 Project at a glance:


  • Demand forecasting based on flight schedules and loadings
  • Improved schedule quality
  • Flexible reporting across the board
  • Lower staff costs through process optimization

Employees, time and attendance models

  • 2,000 employees

ATOSS Solutions in place

  • Time and attendance management
  • Staff deployment scheduling
  • Employee & manager self service
  • Management analysis
  • Interface with INFORM GS planning