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City of Würzburg

Mobile city

Efficiency, cost-effectiveness and transparency are the top priorities of the City of Würzburg in its personnel management. Whether fire service, traffic monitoring, the authority for buildings and parks, street cleaning, theaters, schools or administration – the university town provides services for citizens large and small, on time and with a high degree of reliability. This innovative administration service has established an advanced time & attendance management for its roughly 3,000 employees with the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite. Lean, automated processes, efficient organization, systematic optimization of costs and payment complying with the Collective Wage Agreement for the Civil Service (TVöD) all represent principles that are involved in the process. Employees can access information relevant to their working times via the intuitive Self Services portal. The City of Würzburg is steadily expanding its range of use. For example, the ATOSS solution ensures demand-driven planning and scheduling in traffic monitoring.

ATOSS Custimer image City of Würzburg

The mobile workforce management project run by the City of Würzburg is also boosting efficiency and sparking enthusiasm. Today, some 250 employees – whose deployment may vary from the construction depot to street cleaning – regard time recording, group bookings and allocations to working time accounts during the day via smartphone as standard practice. Positive side-effects: The mobile app proved its worth to the city in the initial stages of the refugee crisis in the emergency offices. And it is also revealing its strengths in preparations for the State Garden Show in 2018. The highly complex deployment planning for the fire service ensuring 24/7 services 365 days a year is fully catered for by the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite. In the near future some 100 firefighters and 75 employees in administration or the control center will be scheduled on an even more consolidated basis. As a result, firefighters can be assigned to different jobs during the day, taking their qualifications into account and depending on the situation, e.g. turntable ladder chief, tank or hose attendant. An additional project in the town's schools is already in the pipeline. No wonder that the City of Würzburg won the DiALOG Award in 2016 which honors futureoriented concepts in administrative processes.

Claus Erlenbach, Time & Attendance Project Manager:

»We regard citizen proximity, prompt service and employee focus as utmost priorities. Workforce management delivers greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness, especially in the public service area. We gain time for the essentials, the concerns of our
citizens, while enhancing our attractiveness as employers.«