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Vienna City Administration: Everything revolves around customers

Workforce Management goes public – from authority to service organization

The Vienna City Administration is the point of call for around 1.7 million residents
of Vienna and countless tourists from all over the world. Whatever the task, from
the supply of drinking water to refuse collection service, from kindergartens to
schools, from rescue to the fire brigade – the service arm of the city plays a major
part in ensuring that day to day life functions smoothly in this city.

The Vienna Municipal Authority: Smooth processes and higher citizen satisfaction

To ensure that service is delivered efficiently at the different service points and that enough staff are at hand for citizens’ concerns, the city relies on modern working time management for its workforce numbering some 20,000. The service department’s management and many departments of the city authority, including personnel and IT, are already equipped with ATOSS solutions, while all the others are in the planning stage.