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Ingolstadt Clinical Center: Awarded Workforce Management

Employee satisfaction as a key success factor

The Ingolstadt Clinical Center anticipated the current labor market situation in the public health sector and set a strategic course at an early stage. A pioneer in efficient time and attendance management in healthcare, the clinical center has been relying for years on the ATOSS Medical Solution to manage around 3,000 employees, 1,450 of whom are doctors and nurses. The entire organization is consistently geared to the necessary medical processes. Personnel, working time models and qualifications are deployed in an interdisciplinary manner in order to keep costs to a minimum and maintain an excellent quality of care. According to this principle, the hospital is also capable of handling times of maximum workload, with approximately 160 emergency hospitalizations per day, smoothly and to budget – and requires no more than 50 working time models to accomplish this.

Clinic staff coordinate their regular shifts, on-call duties and weekend shifts almost entirely on their own. Overtime is paid or transferred to a long-term compensation time account according to employees’ wishes. By way of the integrated ATOSS Employee & Manager Self Service portal, staff are able to access their account balance and duty roster at all times. This combination of transparency and individual responsibility pays off in the battle for qualified and motivated employees: the hospital has a staff turnover rate of less than three percent.

The Ingolstadt Clinical Center, one of the largest employers in the region, regards employee satisfaction as a key success factor. Hospital management cites risk management as the strategy of choice – and Workforce Management is an essential part.

Heribert Fastenmeier
Managing Director, Ingolstadt clinical center
"The demographic developments in Germany challenge companies to rethink. Innovative and sustainable human resources management is the driving force in this process of change. Workforce Management is an essential element of such strategies."

Project at a glance:


  • Cost and demand optimized workforce deployment and management
  • Realization of the demands of a wide range of different company areas
  • Mapping and integration of existing structures and evolved know-how

Employees, time and attendance models

  • About 3,000 employees

ATOSS Solutions in place

  • Time and attendance management
  • Workforce Management