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Service with a smile

CommuniGate specializes in customer dialog excellence – both inbound and outbound – in sectors including financial services, insurances and energy supply. The premium service provider, a company of Lufthansa AirPlus and BCS Bayern Card-Services, offers a full range of written and telephone-based sales, distribution and service-oriented customer communication. A total of 550 employees based in the German cities of Passau and Frankfurt/Oder handle more than 2.5 million written transactions and some two million phone calls per year. To allow for professional, qualified and quick responses to each and every request, CommuniGate relies on the ATOSS Call Center Solution for workforce management based on precise demand calculations.

ATOSS customer image CommuniGate

Source: ATOSS Annual Report 2014

For forecasting, our solution not only takes the business case “contact with customer” and the average handling time for such cases into consideration, but also schedules time for back-office activities including credit card request processing. Forecasts for the volume of incoming work to be expected are set up for every day, defining a time budget for back-office work at the same time. Demand-optimized workforce schedules also take legal stipulations, working time regulations, qualifications, defined service levels and working time accounts into consideration. Reconciling the efficient utilization of employee capacity and optimum availability is a key challenge for the day-to-day business of the Customer Service Center. CommuniGate has mastered the challenge of workforce scheduling, offering its customers outstanding service day after day. That’s premium.

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