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Allgaier Group: Hands-on time management

Higher transparency – less administration: Allgaier Group opt for employee self-service

Competition is fierce in automobile production. As a system supplier to the international automotive industry, high productivity and efficient in-house processes are extremely important for Allgaier Group. The company identified decisive optimization potential in Workforce Management.

Through implementing a complete solution with the ATOSS Startup Edition and ATOSS Employee & Manager Self Service, the company has boosted efficiency, transparency and cost efficiency in the time and attendance management sequences.

Produktionsstrasse der Allgaier Werke

Production Line at Allgaier Group: more efficiency all along the line

Armin Loch
Head of Wage and Salary Accounting, Allgaier Group, Uhingen

"By eliminating a host of administrative routine tasks we have been able to save up to five working hours a day, which can be used for other tasks instead."

The project at a glance:


  • Reduced administrative input for wage and salary accounting department
  • Higher transparency for workforce and human resources
  • Active staff participation in personnel administration
  • Optimization of archiving, paper and print costs

Employees and working hours

  • 1,400 employees
  • Around 100 different working hour models
  • Multiple shift operation
  • Monthly and annual working hour accounts

ATOSS Solutions in place

  • Workforce Management
  • Employee scheduling
  • Employee & Manager Self Service