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MEYER WERFT: Ship ahoy for luxury liners

Full steam ahead – Order linked workforce deployment and management

An impressive total of 1,800 suppliers, 4,600 accounts payable and around 45,000 order items document the sheer magnitude of a shipbuilding project at Meyer Werft. The complexity of such highly individual, custom assignments makes maximum demands on planning and flexibility, as well as calling for optimal resource management

Drawing on an order linked workforce deployment and management solution, Meyer Werft steers and controls personnel deployment for each individual order. This results in higher transparency and enables more effective utilization of working hours.

Meyer Werft

MEYER WERFT: Order linked workforce scheduling helps completing the ocean lines to plan

Josef Gauthier
Group leader at the Meyer Werft personnel office, Papenburg
“An efficient steering instrument is the foundation for a balanced employment situation and budget- oriented production operations, enabling us to master the complex individual custom projects that Meyer Werft specializes in. With our order linked workforce deployment and management we can see at a glance which employees are available and whether they have the required qualifications. By actively integrating the existing working time into the planning process, we can make better use of the normal working hours, and eliminate expensive overtime to an extensive degree.“

The project at a glance:


  • Workforce scheduling linked to workplace and order
  • More cost efficient personnel deployment
  • Higher transparency on order level
  • Flexible planning
  • Integration into project planning tool

Employees and working hours

  • More than 2,000 own employees, and up to 5,000 temps
  • Early and late shifts, as well as night shifts acccording to requirements
  • Around 80 working hour models

ATOSS Solutions in place

  • Time and attendance management
  • Access control
  • Workforce scheduling
  • Order linked workforce deployment and management
  • Interfaces to the LOGA 2001 wage and salary system
  • Interface to the Infoyard project planning tool (SAS)