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Pepsi: Bubbling revenues and flexible working hours

Flexibility and demand driven Workforce Management secure market position

Seasonal fluctuations such as the exceptionally hot summer of 2003, for example, regularly put the capacity planning of beverage manufacturers to a tough test. What is more, the sector is not only challenged by demand swings; the introduction of deposits on beverage cans also demanded more flexible designs of working hours – and Pepsi-Cola was no exception.

Thanks to the Time Control software by ATOSS the company is better able to manage capacity utilization, and is also capable of readily mapping complex collectively bargained and company agreements.


Pepsi-Cola: The beverage manufacturer has a firm grip on all working hour patterns - also when running at top capacity

Claudia Stecker
Payroll Administrator, Pepsi-Cola GmbH, Neu-Isenburg
“Our solution has enabled us to optimize our entire accounting, while integrating our staff more strongly into the process at the same time. Our administration people are pleased to note minimized error rates thanks to additional control by employees, and the direct inclusion of master data and transaction data into wage and salary accounting. Our employees benefit from higher transparency, as the monthly statement data on pay slips are clear and simple to understand; in addition, staff appreciate the simple operation of the terminals.“

The project at a glance:


  • Flexible response options to demand fluctuations
  • Supporting in the accounting of complex working hour patterns
  • Mapping of general, collective wage agreements and company agreements
  • Introduction of flexible working hours
  • Less administration

Employees and working hours

  • Around 200 employees
  • Three shift operations, at peak periods also on weekends
  • Night, Sunday and holiday shifts
  • Working hour accounts

ATOSS Solutions in place

  • Time and attendance management
  • Access solution
  • Interface to the ACCURAT Office wage and salary accounting software