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Eddie Bauer: Workforce Management the Japanese way

Eddie Bauer Japan Inc. relies on the ATOSS Retail Solution

Eddie Bauer Japan Inc. is planning and steering the deployment and management of around 700 employees at its Japanese stores with the help of the ATOSS Retail Solution. The Workforce Management software was introduced to the 57 stores shops of the traditional US brand within a period of only five months.

Following a detailed requirements analysis, the management of Eddie Bauer Japan opted for the ATOSS Retail Solution. A reference visit to SportScheck GmbH in Munich was a particularly convincing experience. The sporting goods retailer that also belongs to the Otto Gruppe has already been successfully using the sector solution in all of its stores. Additional criteria were the availability in multiple language versions, the outstanding flexibility of the software, as well as the capability to readily factor in Japanese legislation and collectively bargained pay scales. In order to ensure that the software would deliver the desired benefits on the Asian markets, a detailed process analysis was conducted at Eddie Bauer in Tokyo in the run-up to the project kick-off.

ATOSS Customer Eddie Bauer

ATOSS speaks Japanese: The US fashion label Eddie Bauer optimizes Workforce Management in the Far East.

Matthias Engel,
Managing Director, Eddie Bauer Japan Inc.
"We failed to find a solution on the Asian markets that suited our requirements profile. The capabilities of the ATOSS solution, especially the automated duty planning and the linking to our POS system will help us to optimize Workforce Management at our stores and offer even better service. I am especially pleased with the transparency we have gained in all human resource issues."

The project at a glance:


  • Automatic duty planning based on POS data
  • Even stronger customer orientation
  • Enterprise-wide transparency

Employees and working time

  • 700 employees in Japan
  • 57 stores in Japan

ATOSS Solutions in place

  • Workforce Management
  • Demand and workforce forecasting
  • Time and attendance management