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EDEKA: First class customer service

Service excellence thanks to demand-driven workforce scheduling

EDEKA stands for product diversity, customer orientation and cost efficiency. Day by day, more than 30,000 motivated employees ensure that these aspirations and claims are transformed into reality. This also applies to the 54 Otto Reichelt EDEKA markets located across Berlin. In spite of rising personnel costs, the Otto Reichelt GmbH stores place a key emphasis on offering optimal service. The solution at work here is called integrated workforce management and is driven by the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite

In the meantime, our customer roster includes 6 of the 7 EDEKA regional companies as well as many independent retailers.

EDEKA: Demand-driven workforce management delivers better customer service

Volker Bredemeier
Department Manager Human Resources, EDEKA Minden-Hannover, Minden 
„In the retail sector, flexible and demand-driven workforce management is increasing in importance – as this is the way to ensure optimal customer care in the long term. Specifically, this means well filled shelves, a sufficient number of POS staffed and minimum waiting times for our customers. The fact that we address the issue of working time management so consistently on a global scale shows what counts for us."

Project at a glance:


  • Consolidation and automation of the systems
  • Automatic workforce forecasting
  • Reduced administration input
  • Automatic staff demand forecasts
  • Securing of the service levels
  • Cost-optimized personnel deployment

Employees and working hours

  • EDEKA Minden-Hannover: 29,500 employees, of which 2,300 are active at Otto Reichelt
  • Working time models: 50
  • Different rest break periods

ATOSS Solutions in place

  • Time and attendance
  • Cost center management
  • Workforce scheduling
  • Interfaces to payroll system and time recording terminals