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Kastner & Öhler: Multilingual Workforce Management

KASTNER & ÖHLER Warenhaus AG ranks as one of the largest fashion and sports retailing companies in Austria. Their network of subsidiaries comprises 46 fashion houses and mega sports subsidiaries in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia.

In-depth process analysis identified strong potential for reducing costs and boosting sales by implementing efficient Workforce Management. ATOSS Retail Solution will model Workforce Management and staff deployment across all subsidiaries according to demand and improve scheduling quality considerably.

Kastner & Öhler: Demand driven workforce scheduling delivers higher customer satisfaction

Gerald Bretzl,
Project Manager, KASTNER & ÖHLER
“Improved Workforce Management will enable us to gear the availability of our staff more closely to actual demand, which means customer footfall in our case. This approach will enable us to enhance service levels and tap additional sales potential".

Project at a glance:


  • Raise scheduling quality
  • Improve service levels
  • Tap additional sales potentials
  • Reduce costs

Employees, time and attendance models

  • 2,000 employees

ATOSS Solutions in place

  • Time and attendance management
  • Workforce Management
  • Workforce forecasting
  • Management analysis
  • SAP interface