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radio ffn: Efficient workforce scheduling

radio ffn in Lower Saxony on air with Workforce Management

 “The best mix for Lower Saxony”: radio ffn delivers variety and entertainment – 24 hours a day! These offerings are all based on complex duty scheduling for the editorial programming, enabled by an advanced Workforce Management solution.

The largest private broadcaster in North Germany relies on ATOSS Time Control to ensure maximum transparency and flexibility for its workforce scheduling.

Radio ffn

radio ffn: Efficient support in workforce scheduling thanks to ATOSS Time Control

Bettina Kraus
Personnel officer for radio ffn in Hanover
“We wanted to dispense with the stand-alone solutions and time-consuming manual processes that we had been using to date. Our aim was to bring greater transparency to our complex staff scheduling and reduce overall administrative input at the same time. This is why we took the decision to introduce SAP and ATOSS Time Control in parallel. After an extremely demanding implementation phase, we definitely feel we have unburdened our personnel processes by a considerable measure.”

Project at a glance:


  • Increased time data transparency and database standardization
  • More efficient administration
  • Process documentation
  • Database standardization
  • Wide-ranging evaluation options

Employees, time and attendance models

  • Around 130 employees
  • Shift work for editorial/moderation staff
  • Around 30 time and attendance models

ATOSS Solutions in place

  • Time and attendance management
  • ESS workflow
  • SAP interface