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Deutsche Bahn: On time arrivals

Workforce Management takes people and goods swiftly and safely to their destination

Whether by road or by rail, water-borne or air-borne, Workforce Management keeps local and long distance traffic on the move so that both passengers and freight reach their destinations on time. There is hardly another field in which precise planning, lean processes and maximum flexibility play such vital roles as in the globally expanding logistics market. Deutsche Bahn AG, the world’s second largest logistics company, has been relying on us and our ATOSS
Staff Efficiency Suite enterprise solution since 1992. With more than 60 clients, the company manages the deployment of approximately 70,000 employees at various railway companies. The individual requirements of the specific areas have been mapped to widely varying degrees of intensity. Up to 1,200 time management officers, dispatchers and administrative staff access the ATOSS solution at the same time.

Farid Haschem
Group Personnel Systems Head, Deutsche Bahn AG
"Deutsche Bahn is one of the largest employers and company training centers in Germany. Business and future orientated human resource management is an integral part of our corporate strategy. This includes efficient Workforce Management. Our ATOSS solution enables us to plan and control working times in the different companies with the best possible results in terms of cost, quality and requirements. This is a crucial factor in the long-term success of a mobility and logistics company."

Project at a glance:


  • Cost and demand optimized Workforce Management
  • Meeting the requirements of a wide range of company areas
  • Mapping existing structures and acquired expertise

Employees, time and attendance models

  • 70,000 employees

ATOSS Solutions in place

  • Time and attendance management
  • Workforce Management