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Liquid logistics

The continents are getting more closely connected, and goods are flowing faster. Every
minute counts in the global growth market of transport and logistics. All of which requires
smart logistics concepts, which link the various carriers to form a transport chain, and precise
workforce management. The HOYER Group ranks as one of the world’s leading bulk logistics
service providers with around 5,000 employees in over 80 countries. The successful family Business with sales running into billions of euros has specialized on moving liquids for the chemicals, food, gas and petroleum industries. The Petrolog business unit operates in seven European countries, supplying petrol station networks of international groups with petroleumbased products and airports with fuel. By leveraging planning synergies, the 700 vehicles comprising the tank truck fleet are used for multiple clients. The Petrolog business unit opts for ATOSS solutions to plan and manage its Drivers and their equipment in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and now in Ireland, too.

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ATOSS customer image HOYER Group

Source: ATOSS Annual Report 2013

Expensive empty runs and Extended waiting periods must be avoided, while at the same time complying with drivers’ statutory driving and rest periods. Planning also needs to integrate factors such as qualifications, differing target working periods, shift cycles ranging from between 2 and 13 weeks, multi-shift operations, availability periods, travel times and various compensation systems. In short, planning and scheduling drivers and tankers is a highly complex undertaking. Together, we developed the principle of mobile workplaces. In other words drivers, tractor units and trailers can be planned and scheduled separately, and combined on a cost-optimized basis – enabling HOYER to remain competitive over the long term in a tough and extremely price-sensitive market.