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Berlin's suburban railway

Effective workforce and time and attendance management keeps Berlin’s suburban railway in perpetual motion

Around one million passengers board the Berlin suburban railway every day. As the backbone of the city’s transport system, the company and its employees responsible for running it must guarantee punctual service, reliability as well as customer friendliness.

This is only possible with consistent working time and Workforce Management. In opting for the solutions by ATOSS Software AG, employee satisfaction was a decisive factor, apart from the economic benefits of the IT solution.

Jürgen Brose
Head of the IT department, S-Bahn Berlin GmbH, Berlin
“Our working hour model allows us to respond rapidly and flexibly to changing demand volumes and work loads. This enables demand driven and cost optimized workforce scheduling and personnel deployment. The motivation of our employees is also an important criterion for our decisions. After all, the personal engagement of our staff on the lines is decisive for the consistently high quality of our services. The ATOSS solution is a tool that provides us with optimal support in both of these endeavors.“

The project at a glance:


  • Automatic recording of working hours
  • Mapping of flexible annual working hour accounts
  • Efficient workforce scheduling
  • Analysis and project management

Employees and working hours

  • 24-hour operations, 365 days a year
  • Multiple shift operations, holiday, weekend and night work
  • Standard working hours, shift duty, annual working hours
  • Immediate changes and rescheduling possible
  • Factors in collectively bargained, company and legislative regulations

ATOSS Solutions in place

  • Time and attendance management
  • Workforce scheduling
  • Management information system
  • Cost unit management
  • Interface to the PAISY wage and salary system
  • Interfaces to the PD-Tf special software