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Productivity | | 5 Min.

Project architecture and...

Agile project management is extremely important for the successful implementation of a digital workforce management. We talked about this topic with our Executive Director Customer Services & Support, Dieter Luber.

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Productivity | | 6 Min.

Are we all agile, or what else?

Greater agility and decision-making scope for employees can be achieved in just a few clear-cut steps. This article will provide you with some ideas on how to implement this in actual practice.

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Productivity | | 5 Min.

Just how quickly can you react?

Staff shortfalls can be compensated for by strategic management. We will outline what is required here and how companies can manage employee absences in three steps.

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Productivity | | 7 Min.

Change is pain

How can companies master digital transformation? What do companies have to pay attention to in order stay abreast of the mega-trend? An interview with transformation expert Sabine Kluge. We hope you’ll enjoy reading our interview.

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Schreibst du noch oder tippst du schon - Bunte Stifte in Kreisform
Productivity | | 7 Min.

Still writing by hand – or typing?

In our era of digitalization, markets call for agile and efficient company processes. Just where are the potentials of digital workforce management? Take a closer look and we will put you in the picture.

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Mehr Performance durch Agilität - sprintender Gepard
Productivity | | 5 Min.

Stronger performance thanks to agility

Across all sectors, rapid adaptability to changing conditions and market situations is the name of the game. What are the characteristics of agile organizations and how are they attained? Read on …

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New Work needs mobility!
Working Environment | | 6 Min.

We are getting up and running in the new year with an interview about New Work. We spoke with Anna Kaiser, founder and managing director of Tandemploy, about the challenges involved. Have fun reading.

We need breathing organizations
Working Environment | | 8 Min.

Our working environments are undergoing significant and far reaching processes of change. We spoke with Harald Fortmann about where the trends are heading and what the working worlds of the future will actually entail.

Staying flexible in times of crisis
Working Environment | | 5 Min.

Under the current conditions with sudden, massive slumps in sales, it is essential to maintain orderly, economic operational processes. Markus Wieser, our Executive Director Product Management, explains how this can work.

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