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Working Environment | | 4 Min.

Remaining on growth track

We spoke with ATOSS CFO and board member Christof Leiber about the year 2019 and current business developments. In our interview, Christof also provided an outlook on the remainder of 2020. We hope you enjoy your reading.

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Working Environment | | 6 Min.

In good times and bad times

In times of crisis, it is clearer than ever before how important it is to use valuable manpower in a way that meets the needs of the market. This is precisely where workforce management is a valuable companion. 

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Working Environment | | 2 Min.

Hey HR! Re-Think New Work!!

In this article we explain why the crisis has shown us what went wrong at New Work. And we show how workforce management can help create flexibility and work-life balance. Enjoy reading.

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Working Environment | | 5 Min.

Staying flexible in times of crisis

Under the current conditions with sudden, massive slumps in sales, it is essential to maintain orderly, economic operational processes. Markus Wieser, our Executive Director Product Management, explains how this can work.

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The ECJ ruling is an opportunity
Working Environment | | 6 Min.

The ECJ ruling on the recording of working time is more of an opportunity for companies than drab and dreary bureaucracy. Markus Wieser, Executive Director Product Management at ATOSS, explains exactly why in our interview.

Time recording is not enough
Working Environment | | 6 Min.

The ECJ has ruled that employers in all EU member states must record the working hours of their employees. Here are six reasons why mere time recording is simply not enough.

We need breathing organizations
Working Environment | | 8 Min.

Our working environments are undergoing significant and far reaching processes of change. We spoke with Harald Fortmann about where the trends are heading and what the working worlds of the future will actually entail.

Why digitization is a genuine
Working Environment | | 7 Min.

Digital personnel processes contribute to greater satisfaction among customers, employees and companies. Read on and learn more about the opportunities digitization presents and the optimization potentials you can tap.

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