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People make all the difference

Designing working environments for the benefit of companies, employees and society – a fascinating challenge, stimulating vista on the future and a substantial responsibility. Our employees accept this challenge with expertise, experience and enthusiasm, breathing life into the vision of a human economy. Their performance and commitment are the driving force behind our success. The mainstays of our team have been active at ATOSS over many years. come part of the furniture. Together we bring our vision of a human economy to life, day in day out.

The membersof the ATOSS Management Board perceive themselves as moderators and visionaries — as primi inter pares. Strategic perspicacity, strong innovative capabilities and their commitment to continuity are the cornerstones of our management policy.

Stability, sustainable growth and the interests of customers and stakeholders are the main concerns of our Supervisory Board comprising three experienced managers.

The first tier of management is responsible for the operating business of our company, a role they fulfil with commitment, creativity, in-depth knowledge and total customer focus. And successfully, as ATOSS has been charting a steady growth course over many years.

The success of ATOSS is based on the personalities and dynamics of our employees. The people who work for us impress with their technical knowledge and creativity. People who join forces and successfully implement projects. People who bring the ATOSS visions to life every day, and take pleasure in designing tomorrow's working worlds.

Elke Jäger


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Elke Jäger
Director Marketing and Public Relations

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