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The economics of working time

The future belongs to innovative working time concepts. We’re thinking ahead.

Working time flexibility is a powerful tool for increasing productivity and competitiveness. The redesign of operational working hours is a challenge, which - in most cases - cannot be solved technically and economically without external support. This is precisely where our experienced consultants come in. They analyze the specific situation and offer customers advice on the development and implementation of new working time models, all without losing sight of statutory, collective pay scale and operational conditions.

Our mission: comprehensive customer consulting

Whether ergonomic shift organization, trust-based working hours, short-term or long-term accounts for working hours - we have the answers to any questions you might have on the topic of effective time and attendance management and demand-optimized staff deployment. We support you in developing innovative working time models, in the simulation of complex deployment scenarios or the optimization of personnel processes across departments, divisions and organizations. Our aim is to increase the efficiency and productivity of our customers. That's our yardstick of success. Of course, work-life balance issues and the needs of an aging workforce are also incorporated into our concepts.

Hands-on as a philosophy

No company is too big, no scenario too complex: our consultants draw on almost 30 years of experience in successful project work across the widest variety of industries and sectors - all of which benefits our customers. But our work doesn’t end after we’ve developed the concepts. Upon request, we will also provide implementation support and demonstrate measurable results.