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Effects in black and white

The ATOSS potential analysis: recognizing opportunities

The ATOSS potential analysis enables you to determine potential quantitative and qualitative benefits. To what extent depends on the demands and complexity of your business. Our analysis follows a defined process model. Our experts analyze existing personnel processes and create a detailed evaluation of the identified optimization potential, which is then presented to management. The demonstration of the benefits and opportunities for improvement is an important aspect in the process.

Systematic analysis

The ATOSS potential analysis extends to the areas of workforce forecasting, working-time model design, workforce deployment and management, as well as time and attendance management. The process answers the following questions:

  • How high are my personnel requirements for a given period? How do my personnel requirements change when orders are postponed?
  • How flexible can I be in deploying my personnel? To what degree should I hire temporary workers? How can I implement "on-call work" both simply and cost-effectively?
  • How should I implement personnel scheduling? What costs are involved? Who is currently working where? Who can I schedule for another urgent job at short notice? Who has the right qualifications? Is my scheduling fair?
  • How are work times automatically recorded, evaluated and processed? How can personnel processes be accelerated?

ATOSS has already performed numerous potential analyses across the widest range of industries and sectors. In optimizing the design of target processes and ROI analysis our consultants draw on almost 30 years of experience with around 5,000 projects.