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Crewmeister is an internet solution specially designed by ATOSS to offer small businesses with up to 50 employees rapid and affordable access to professional time recording, evaluation and vacation planning. Whether you operate in the retail, construction, catering, services or hotels sector – Crewmeister puts an end to the paper trail and delivers the transparency – also in small business operations – required to comply with statutory working time regulations.

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Not enough power to meet your needs?

ATOSS Time Control offers just what small and mid-sized companies need to strengthen and secure their competitiveness. This tried and tested, comprehensive modular software solution has been established for years and meets all needs across all sectors - whether in the cloud or on premises!

ATOSS Time Conrol

Need more power?

The ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite is our high-performance enterprise solution. The software integrates all functions for modern workforce management, meeting the most complex demands. Its extensive planning functions are fully available to SAP® users, too. The integration of the two systems enables mapping of personnel processes without media discontinuities - whether in the cloud or on premises!

ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite