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We're happy to measure up!

Our Customer Service Center measures its work by one single benchmark: Customer satisfaction

We want satisfied customers - and our Customer Service Center plays an important role in this context. Our hotline is a key yardstick for long-term acceptance and customer loyalization. Here, we are totally committed to improving our performance year by year and offer our customers optimal services. All of our consultants have a technical background and specific expert knowledge. Professional support management with a call tracking system ensures clearly defined sequences and short response times.

It's all about service quality

Image: Good grades for the ATOSS Service Hotline
ATOSS Professional Services Hotline Note

We aim for the continuous improvement of service quality. This is also reflected by an independent survey we assigned.

An extensive and sophisticated quality management system ensures that we not only maintain the high performance level of the ATOSS Customer Service Centers, but also achieve continuous improvements. Regular customer polling by an external, independent survey institute is the foundation here. Every two months current users of the Customer Service Centers receive an anonymous questionnaire and are requested to give precise evaluations of our performance. This gives us objective results with a level of detail that helps us to optimize our service level on an ongoing basis. Incidentally, in 2016 our customers gave our hotline team a grade of 1.66 (on a scale from 1 to 6). This powerful incentive is a driving force in motivating our customer service professionals.