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Lost Calls – Lost Revenue!

ATOSS Call Center Solution: Workforce Management on call

In the customer contact business, service is the top priority. Waiting loops, poor quality of advice and stressed agents drive down satisfaction and revenues. The challenge facing call centers is a balancing act between economic capacity utilization and satisfactory contactability. Business-driven Workforce Management ensures that capacities are available when the call volume is at its highest. Extremely flexible working times and changing shift patterns are the prerequisites. The ATOSS Call Center Solution helps customers find the optimal balance between personnel costs and service levels, while also taking their employees‘ time requirements and preferences into account. This is essential in businesses that entail intensive consultation, where training new agents is time-consuming and expensive. After all, motivated employees are quite simply the better employees.

Download Business Cases from the service sector (pdf, 1.7 MB)

Calls turn into planning data

Synchronizing workforce deployment and call volume requires detailed analysis of past data, and building on this, reliable forecasting. The ATOSS Call Center Solution offers a range of forecasting models and calculates personnel requirements based on these models. Factors that are crucial to service level are also taken into account. In addition to the number of contacts per time interval, these include the average time taken to deal with a call, post-processing and set-up time plus the number of calls an agent can handle within a time interval. Once the personnel requirement has been calculated, it is a matter of establishing which employee will work when and where on what day. This process factors in the qualifications and working time preferences of an agent, individual models and - considering cost optimization - time balances and allowances. The software automatically prepares a plan proposal, based on all planning-related parameters, including illness ratios, break regulations and ergonomic criteria. Ongoing comparison of target and actual data enables short-term planning and scheduling and long-term optimization of planning quality.

A future-proof solution

The ATOSS Call Center Solution integrates the following functions: time and attendance management, demand and workforce forecasting as well as management analysis and self services. The portfolio also boasts a range of add-on modules, from task management through dashboard and mobile Workforce Management to access control. The solution features maximum functionality, intuitive operation and the latest JAVA EE technologies. For our customers this means low integration costs, unlimited scalability, optimal performance and a free choice of databases and operating systems. The software can be connected via open and flexibly adjustable interfaces to upstream and downstream systems, e.g. wage and salary systems and telephone systems. The solution can be seamlessly integrated into existing and future system landscapes, thereby protecting investments over the long term.


  • Significant reduction in administrative input
  • Flexible working time models protect service quality
  • Automated, rule-based planning proposals improve planning quality
  • Cost-neutral balancing of activity peaks
  • Rapid response to changes
  • Maximum cost transparency in budget monitoring based on target/actual comparison
  • Factoring in of working time preferences leads to improved staff satisfaction
  • Fairer planning boosts motivation