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Top service or top profit margins? Opt for both

ATOSS Hospitality Solution: Efficient workforce processes and first class service at optimized costs

Whether a family-managed individual hotel, business hotel or an international hotel chain: today‘s guests expect good service, quality, personal attention and the availability of amenities and services around the clock. These expectations result in longer service hours and rising personnel costs. Consequently, work processes must be designed in a transparent and flexible manner, and staff deployed as efficiently as possible. By having the staff on the job when the occupancy situation definitely demands their presence, expensive idle time and overtime are eliminated, while the service quality rises at the same time. 80% less unproductive working hours, 15% lower personnel costs in connection with identical workforce numbers, 90% less planning input, 11% higher sales – the results from current ATOSS projects show, which potential demand driven Workforce Management offers.

Upgrade your personal planninng

Workforce scheduling in hotels is complicated and time consuming. Changing shift duties, weekend work, short-term work assignments and overtime are part and parcel of everyday business. In addition, the increasingly higher pace of booking processes results in short-term occupancy fluctuations. Planning and scheduling are usually performed on a department basis, so access to HR master data and insight into working hour accounts are rarely possible.
Thanks to the ATOSS Hospitality Solution you can centralize the human resource planning process and reduce planning input to a minimum. The solution generates a duty plan proposal automatically, with consideration given to working hour accounts, absence and sick leave, parameters relevant for planning, hotel-specific benchmarks and recurring events. Legislative, labor agreements or individual general conditions are factored in accordingly.

A future-proof solution

ATOSS Hospitality Solution enables a customer-oriented and cost-optimized human resources organization that also factors in the concerns of employees. The multi-step and scalable product concept enables professional Workforce Management entirely according to each and every specific aim and objective. The Hospitality Product Suite features top functionality and leading-edge JAVA technology. For our customers, this translates into low integration costs, unlimited scalability, best performance and the free selection of databases and operating systems. ATOSS Hospitality Solution features open and flexible interfaces to all standard PMS, POS and Forecast systems.

Your benefits

  • Reduction of routine activities and administration input
  • Reduction of personnel costs
  • More efficient planning process
  • Increased planning quality
  • Greater transparency
  • Implementation of company-wide standards
  • Enhanced service levels for guests

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