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Tuning personnel logistics to clockwork precision

ATOSS Logistics Solution – intelligent Workforce Management from start to finish

Logistics services are extremely personnel intensive and highly dependent on seasonal and order-related fluctuations. High levels of flexibility and efficient processes are required right across the company to handle the challenges of this international growth market. Demand-optimized workforce deployment plays a key role here. Workforce Management can be used to achieve effects long since exhausted in other areas, such as supply chain management. Faster delivery times, availability of goods at short notice and competitive prices are more crucial than ever to success in the global transport and logistics market. This is where our solutions make major contributions.

Download Business Cases from the logistics sector (pdf, 2.3 MB)

Focus on quality and quantity

The scheduling of actual personnel requirements must always be preceded by an in-depth analysis. The goal of optimal organization of working time along the supply chain is to absorb short-term absences, unoccupied time or work peaks in a cost-optimized manner. In logistics, however, it is not just about ascertaining the number of usable employees, but also their qualifications. If the employees assigned have the wrong or inadequate qualifications for the scheduled jobs, this often impacts negatively on the company. At the same time, planners also have to consider collectively agreed pay scale and statutory conditions as well as sector-specific factors, such as the actual volume of incoming goods or the time spent on repacking, packaging and labeling. ATOSS Logistics Solution brings all this information together to allow consistent optimization of workforce scheduling.

A future-proof solution

The ATOSS Logistics Solution integrates the following functions: working time management, calculation of personnel requirements, scheduling, management analysis and self services. The portfolio also boasts a range of add-on modules, from task management through dashboard and mobile Workforce Management to access control. The solution features maximum functionality, intuitive operation and the latest JAVA EE technologies. Consequently, our customers benefit from low integration costs, unlimited scalability, optimal performance and a free choice of databases and operating systems. ATOSS Logistics System can be connected via open and flexibly adjustable interfaces to upstream and downstream systems, e.g. PPS and order management systems. The solution can be seamlessly integrated into existing and future system landscapes, protecting investments over the long term.


  • Just-in-time planning and online availability of information
  • More flexible working time models secure response capability and productivity
  • Cost-neutral balancing of employee activity peaks and absences
  • Integration of short-term contract workers from labor pools
  • Consideration of qualifications and efficiency of employees
  • Fairer planning increases motivation levels
  • Automated, rule-based planning proposals improve planning quality
  • Medium- to long-term scenario planning improves forecasting capabilities
  • Greater cost transparency in budget monitoring based on target/actual comparison