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The ATOSS formula reins in rising costs in the health care sector

Duty roster planning with the ATOSS Medical Solution – consistently geared to treatment processes

An acute shortage of qualified and specialist employees is already evident today. This applies especially to the health care sector. And the situation is becoming increasingly critical due to the ongoing demographic developments. More than ever before, private and public institutions must rely on the efficient deployment and management of their scarce personnel resources. The ATOSS Medical Solution supports organizations and companies of all sizes in flexibilizing their working time and consistently gearing the duty roster scheduling and the deployment of staff to the respective treatment processes. Within the shortest period of time this results in higher care quality and lower costs - in connection with more individual care and more balanced, staff compatible working hours. Patients, staff and organizations all stand to benefit.

Download Business Cases from the health care sector (pdf, 1.7 MB)

Beneficial for patients, staff and organizations

Modern Workforce Management supports the implementation of forward-looking, future-proof working time concepts. New framework conditions must be created for changing staff structures. The processes that are necessary in medical terms must be accompanied by qualified staff in line with the required functions and in an interdisciplinary manner. Duty scheduling is becoming increasingly complex. After all, only dynamic, demand-optimized personnel deployment and Workforce Management will secure economic efficiency and competitive strengths over the long term. The ATOSS Medical Solution enables you to make the most of collectively bargained and statutory latitudes so that you can plan and manage working time to the optimal benefit of patients, employees, organizations and hospitals. Flexible working time models, preferential duty rosters and employee portals allow staff to assume more initiative and responsibility, while boosting motivation and opening the way to an enhanced work-life-balance. The system also supports the introduction of health management within the organization itself in an optimal manner.

A future-proof solution

The modular ATOSS Medical Solution was specifically developed for use in the health care and social services. The solution impresses with superior, top-notch functionality and leading-edge JAVA EE technologies. For our customers this means low integration costs, unlimited scalability, best performance and free selection of databases and operating systems. By way of open and flexibly adjustable interfaces the ATOSS Medical Solution can be linked to upstream and downstream systems such as therapy, operation planning or wage and salary systems. The solution integrates seamlessly into existing and future system landscapes. Our customers' investments are secured over the long term.


  • Cost optimization thanks to more efficient utilization of working time
  • Flexible securing of patient care due to more flexible working time models
  • Demand-oriented duty planning across all functions
  • Greater planning quality thanks to automated, rule-based planning proposals
  • Simple and rapid planning
  • Evaluation of working time in line with regulations and collective bargaining
  • Considerable reduction of administrative input
  • Improvement of employee satisfaction thanks to preferential duty planning and online working time exchange services
  • Online access to up-to-the-minute consistent data basis
  • Key figures for company control and steering
  • Transparency on all decision making levels