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Better service, higher sales, lower costs

The ATOSS Retail Solution makes sure your customers remain kings

High personnel costs, service deficits, and untapped sales potential - our solution for this dilemma is called demand optimized Workforce Management. The right staff at hand when customers need them means that the conversion rates point up, while personnel costs and input remain on the ground. The ATOSS Retail Solution supports retail companies in planning their personnel deployment down to the minute with the help of demand drivers such as sales, customer footfall or cash desk receipts, while factoring in daily peaks and troughs to a high degree of precision. A 15% reduction in personnel costs in connection with constant staff levels, sales gains of 11% and 8% conversion rates - these are a few figures from recent ATOSS retail projects that impressively document just how high the potential of Workforce Management is.

Download Business Cases from the retail sector (pdf, 2.1 MB)

Personnel deployment and Workforce Management - to pinpoint precision

The retail sector is characterized by long opening hours, strong demand fluctuations, different service concepts and high personnel costs. Service-oriented while cost-optimized deployment of sales personnel is a key success factor. Behind the scenes, in goods logistics, rapid staff availability is increasingly important. The influencing criteria determining optimized personnel management and deployment are rising rapidly. In addition to statutory, collectively bargained and company specific regulations the planning must also factor in skills and qualifications, employee wishes, breaks and intermissions, special campaigns or even weather forecasts. Some 30 employees at a single branch with three different starting times may generate up to 12-figure deployment options and possibilities. Such complexity is entirely out of the range of manual planning or spread sheet calculations. Here, professional solutions are called for in order to implement modern Workforce Management with which retailing companies can plan and steer complex scenarios to pinpoint precision, while giving due consideration to company specific requirements.

A future-proof solution

The ATOSS Retail Solution was specifically developed for applications in the retailing sector. The solution impresses with top functionality and state-of-the-art JAVA EE technologies. For our customers this translates as lower integration costs, unlimited scalability, best performance and the free selection of databases and operating systems. By way of open and flexibly adjustable interfaces the ATOSS Retail Solution can be linked to upstream and downstream systems, such as POS or merchandise management systems. The solution is available in a number of different language versions and is ready to cope with any future challenges that may arise - whether rapid expansion, company takeovers or international market entry scenarios.


  • Cost optimization in all HR issues and areas
  • Sales gains thanks to higher service levels
  • Simple and rapid planning
  • Better planning quality by way of automated, rule-based planning proposals
  • Reduction of administrative input and expenditure
  • Higher employee satisfaction thanks to consideration of preferential working hours
  • Transparency based on online access to up-to-the-minute, uniform database
  • Key figures for company management
  • Comparability of branches in planning