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Business Analytics - using data intelligently

Cut costs and risks with fact-based management analyses

Systematic data analysis create a solid basis on which to make management decisions and secure long-term business advantage for a company. Business Analytics or Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are still traditionally used in accounting and sales. Systematic data capture and consistent analysis, however, are becoming increasingly important in human resources, with its enormous quantities of information and many short-term changes. When the correct information is available with no omissions and, ideally, in real time, decision quality and response times improve. Risks are minimized while costs are reduced.

Download fact sheet of Management Analysis (pdf, 52 KB)

The basis for successful management

The collection and analysis of personnel data is a difficult process in many companies. Analyses are often produced manually and laboriously on the basis of insufficient data and a lack of system support. The ATOSS BI-Connector makes it possible to integrate all the relevant data from an ATOSS solution seamlessly in any commercially available Business Intelligence tool. This creates the foundation for comprehensive management analysis of any aspect of working time management and workforce scheduling. Time accounts, absences, reasons for absences, sales per employee, productivity of specific units or cost centers can be analysed in detail and multi-dimensional. This results in the transparency required for efficient personnel accounting and for successful strategic and operational decisions. In short: sound usable knowledge is created from the abundance of personnel information available in the company.

Benefits of Business Analytics

  • Analysis of all the relevant data from ATOSS Workforce Management
  • Full transparency of dependencies in personnel deployment
  • Multi-dimensional meaningful analyses
  • Indicators standardised across the company
  • Production of a balanced scorecard for strategic personnel management

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