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 ATOSS Cloud Solution

ATOSS Cloud Workforce Management

Ready to go Cloud Workforce Management

The management of IT solutions presents companies with numerous challenges. On the one hand, the IT structure must always be kept up the very latest technical standards in order to ensure security, safety and availability. This entails ongoing and usually high investment costs. On the other hand, IT staff being the professionals who hold the necessary and often cost intensive specialist know-how, are a limited resource. How can these tasks be solved optimally without overburdening capacities and putting the performance capabilities of the IT solution at risk?

ATOSS Cloud Solution - Hosting and management from a single source.

With the ATOSS Cloud Workforce Management we take care of the hosting and the management of your ATOSS solution. In this way, you can focus entirely on your core competencies and comprehensively benefit from your ATOSS Workforce Managementsolution. This unburdens your IT department and frees up capacities.

Integrated processes with Cloud Workforce Management

The technical installation and the commissioning of the ATOSS solution is performed by our dedicated Cloud and Workforce Management Team. This allows you to reduce your IT input for the installation and operation of the ATOSS solution, as well as for setting up a VPN connection. The continuous monitoring of the ongoing system operations, as well as regular upgrades via releases and the latest updates secure operational safety, reliability and the long term success of the ATOSS solution. You will always be kept abreast of the latest state-of-the-art, while unburdening your cost intensive IT capacities at the same time. Thanks to the monthly invoicing according to the “pay for what you use“ principle, and the elimination of separate license and support costs for database, application as well as backup servers, the ATOSS Cloud Workforce Management offers high cost transparency.

Cloud Workforce Management - enabling flexibility and saving costs

Together with our partners we are offering a highly available and secure server-hosting solution. Data security is safeguarded by German contractual law, that is characterized by the most stringent data protection regulations. An IT infrastructure that is optimally attuned to your ATOSS solution ensures smooth system operations, while offering the necessary flexibility to respond to future peak load periods. In all activities and issues, the ATOSS experts are always at hand as your central points of contact and contractual Partners.