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Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile tools for mobile staff - Workforce Management any time and any place

Smartphones, tablets, apps: New devices and utilization scenarios are revolutionizing traditional ways of working. People who have come to appreciate the convenience of new devices will certainly not want to do without them at their workplaces. Especially when staff are constantly on the move, and mobility and flexibility result in new meaningful application scenarios for Workforce Management. Are staff always able to access relevant and up-to-the-minute data? Are project working hours that are important for accounting and invoicing rapidly and correctly transmitted to headquarters? ATOSS Mobile Workforce Management is the optimal solution for coping with the challenges of mobile and flexible working worlds.

Creating transparency, boosting efficiency

By way of the easy-to-operate ATOSS App employees have access to important information and functions from the area of Workforce Management via smartphone or tablets – regardless of when and where they happen to be on the job. They can conveniently record time while on the go, as well as entering project hours and booking directly to the respective cost units. This dispenses with complex and error prone manual processes, and accelerates accounting. Staff have access to key data from any location, at any time, as in the case of working time balances, while the amount of questions to the human resources department are reduced. Independent of location, absence such as vacation or business travel can also be applied for conveniently. With the help of the ATOSS Mobile Workforce Management Solution managers can immediately process the applications of their employees. In addition, they always have an overview of key information such as the presence and absence of individual team members, thereby improving employee and company management.

Duty plans the mobile way

Duty and deployment plans can also be viewed at any time, from any location. In this way, short term planning changes can be rapidly and reliably communicated. The app features a comment function directly in the mobile deployment and duty plan. Key additional information and processing details can be simply added for reference. This improves communication and the documentation of changes, for example in changing workplaces, during special campaigns or in connection with short-term substitution assignments.


  • More time for core tasks
  • Higher motivation by way of stronger staff integration into the processes
  • Online up-to-the-minute status and availability of information
  • Timely response thanks to notify function
  • Rapid communication of planning changes at short notice
  • Greater staff and manager efficiency