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ATOSS Employee & Manager Self Service

Increasing transparency, promoting personal responsibility

ATOSS Employee & Manager Self Service is the ideal extension of a staff portal or an Intranet revolving around the issues and topics of time and attendance management. By way of an easy-to-operate web interface, employees and managers are actively involved and integrated into administrative processes. Employees can record and administrate their time management data themselves, apply for leave, or call up working time balances or deployment plans. Superiors can conveniently approve leave applications and omitted bookings, as well as generate individual reports. In the process, they always have an eye on their employees' current working time balances. This spells greater personal responsibility, transparency as well as more efficient processes for employees and managers. At the same time human resource departments are unburdened and benefit from greater scope for other projects and tasks.

Download fact sheet of Employee Manager Self Service (pdf, 52 KB)

Routine processes the efficient way

The departmental/divisional calendar in the Employee & Manager Self Service module provides active support in the application and approval of holidays, for example. It shows the planned or actual employees absence times of a department or other organizational unit. In this way, superiors can gain a rapid overview and approve applications immediately. Employees are also supported in terms of workflows: if applications overlap in a certain period of time, this is already displayed visually in connection with the application. This improves clarity and reduces error rates. By way of the portal, individual preferential working times can also be submitted conveniently. This helps to create good preconditions for a work-life balance and motivated staff - important aspects in times of far-reaching demographic change.

Benefits of Self Services

  • Relieving human resource departments of routine tasks
  • Accelerating and streamlining basic processes
  • No media gaps in applying for leave, time booking and changes of accounts
  • Lower printing, paper and archiving costs
  • High motivation and personal responsibility for staff
  • Greater transparency and higher service quality for employees and managerial staff